10 best shampoos for dry hair

For women, beautiful and healthy hair is one of the most important decorations. Unfortunately, in conditions of too intense rhythm of life and lack of time and effort to organize proper hair care, for many, luxurious curls are just a dream. One of the most frequent problems is the dryness of strands, causing a lot of trouble.

Why does hair lose water balance?

There are several main reasons that lead to dry hair:

  • excessive infatuation with staining, chemical wave, the use of hair dryers, plaque and iron, destroying the lipid layer of the hair;
  • the use of improper cosmetic products for the care of the scalp and curls;
  • aggressive influence of environmental factors;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • genetic predisposition and individual characteristics, characterized by insufficient work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

What threatens to dry hair?

Loss of moisture by a lock leads not only to aesthetic problems and difficulties with combing and styling.It is accompanied by a whole complex of concomitant complications: dandruff, split ends, brittleness, loss, and electrization of the hair.

If you have such problems, it is urgent to address them. It is best to visit a specialist trichologist. He will not only find the true cause of dryness and give recommendations on how to eliminate it, but will also help you to choose the best complex for caring for damaged locks.

High-quality shampoo - the basis of vitality strands

One of the main tools in the fight for beautiful head of hear is a properly selected shampoo, in our case specially designed for dry hair. It should be understood that weak and drained locks need both gentle and gentle cleansing, as well as intensive nourishment and moisturizing.

Consequently, when answering the question, what kind of shampoo should be chosen for the return of vital force to dry strands, it is necessary to focus on its composition. It should include:

  • Soft wash base. The undisputed leader here is organic sulphate-free cosmetics. But it is difficult to get used to it, because it does not foam well.A sign of the presence in the shampoo of sparing surfactants is the presence of components called Glucoside or Glutamate.
  • Softeners. Most professional products contain sulfates. In this case, their action is compensated by softeners, which include Quaternium and Polyquaternium.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing ingredients: glycine, biotin and panthenol (Glicine, Biotene, Panthenol). They help nourish the scalp and hair from the inside, stimulate growth, and normalize the water balance.
  • Herbal extracts to restore damaged strand structure. The more herbal ingredients in the shampoo, as opposed to aggressive chemicals, the better.
  • Oils designed not only for food, but also for the creation of a protective film. One of the best are the oil extracts from coconut, almond, avocado, grape seed. Shea butter gives good results.
  • Useful substances of natural origin: lanolin, protein and lecithin. They normalize the sebaceous glands, restore the internal structure of damaged hair and restore their vitality.

Most shampoos designed to combat dry hair have a silicone that greatly improves the appearance of the curl.However, its constant use can potentially cause damage to the hair because hair does not breathe. Therefore, here it is necessary to observe the "golden" middle and alternate the product with silicone with a shampoo that does not contain it.

If we talk about a visual assessment of quality shampoo, then it should have a thick enough and dense consistency, often pearly. This indicates a large number of necessary moisturizing ingredients.

Rating of the best shampoos, helping to fight with dryness of strands

Without the help of a specialist to choose the perfect shampoo for yourself, it will be obtained only by trial and error. It’s not a fact that a product that your girlfriend is excited about will suit you.

In order to help the beautiful ladies make their choice, we present the TOP ten best shampoos for dry hair, based on numerous reviews:

Natura Siberica

This is a popular Russian-made organic shampoo, which does not contain sulfates. But here you will find cedar milk, pink roseola, sea buckthorn oil, burdock and coconut, chamomile, barberry and soap. Such a vegetable cocktail perfectly compensates for the action of silicones present.

The remedy can be applied daily and perfectly copes with cleaning and moisturizing the hair even in hard water. Also, the manufacturer promises protection from the effects of aggressive external factors. Hair becomes obedient, easy to comb, get shine and elasticity.

The disadvantages include the fact that this shampoo copes only with unresolved problems.


This is a healing shampoo suitable for heavily damaged and lifeless strands. It contains Dimethicone, oils and ceramides, which give excellent results. Hair quickly restores vitality, acquires volume, decreases loss, dandruff and itching disappear.

Given that this drug refers to medicinal products, it should be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and alternate with another shampoo.


Effective Russian remedy from CJSC Vertex. It is characterized by an excellent plant composition, including provitamin B5, lecithin, poppy and tea tree oil, burdock and nettle extracts, as well as wheat proteins.

This shampoo provides intensive hydration, nutrition and protection, stimulates the growth of curls and struggles with the problem of split ends.

L`OREAL Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2

The recognized leader in the cosmetics industry has released a professional tool that has already received many awards and prizes. Shampoo is intended for fast food and restoration of damaged and dry strands. An innovative formula containing lipids, satine proteins, glycerin and the Insel molecule, improves hair growth and feeds them from the root to the tip.

The product has a thick texture and a pleasant perfumed smell. Well foams and economically consumed. Suitable for daily use. Minus - quite a high price.

Schwarzkopf Professional Tine Restore Q10 +

This shampoo also belongs to the professional line, suitable for everyday use. Contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, stimulation and nutrition of the hair roots, increases the volume and protects against environmental factors.

Your locks look healthy and silky without the effect of weighting.

Dove Repair Therapy

The Intensive Recovery series is designed to care for lifeless, dried and damaged hair. After applying this shampoo, the strands become shiny, docile and smooth, acquire a beautiful shine and elasticity.The effect of electrostatic electrification disappears. If this is not observed weighting or excess fat.

Means perfectly foams and economically consumed. The disadvantages include a large number of chemical components.

Estel Aqua Otium

Despite the fact that this shampoo belongs to the professional line, its price is affordable and will not cause damage to the budget. Light moisturizing formula ensures smoothness and shine for the driest curls.

Bene salon work care

Brand MoltoBene released a wonderful tool for damaged, unruly and tough hair. In the composition - sunflower oil and horse keratin, which works wonders. The effect is noticeable after the first wash: stronger and lively curls that are easy to comb and fit. Add shine and elasticity to this.

The disadvantages include poor cleansing, so double soaping is recommended.

Herbal Essences "Kiss of the Rain"

Shampoo has a mild washing base, which does not contain sulfates. Despite this, the formula easily copes with any pollution, even in hard water. Hair becomes noticeably more obedient, not tangled and beautifully flow.

The tool has a thick texture and light, unobtrusive smell.Affordable price is a pleasant bonus.

Shine & Nutration by Belita-Vitex

Well nourishes and moisturizes the driest strands. Liquid silk makes hair soft, shiny, smooth and manageable. However, due to the presence in the composition of several oils, you may have to wash your hair more often than usual.

For best results, it is recommended to use the entire line of the product you like, including balm and masks. You should also refuse to blow-dry the hair and protect the curls with a headdress from the hot sun or frost. By following these tips, you can quickly return your hair to a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

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