10 most anticipated horror films of 2016

If you like horror movies, then surely you are waiting for exciting and frightening premieres. And some of them really deserve attention in 2016!

So, the top ten most anticipated horror films of 2016:

  1. "Witch". The world will see this film in 2016, at least as promised by its creators. And the demonstrated trailer with terrible scenes has already managed to instill horror in all movie lovers of this genre. According to the plot in 1630, the family of pilgrims moved to a new place, on the estate, located next to the dense forests of New England. Spouses Kathryn and William together with their children start a new life and hope that she will be happy. But suddenly a newborn son disappears, and under mysterious circumstances. And then the whole crop dies, and the family is doomed to starvation. The troubles literally fall on the heads of William and Catherine, and they begin to blame each other and quarrel. As a result, their quiet home becomes the abode of evil. And then everything just gets worse.Children behave strangely and wildly, and goats give real blood instead of milk. But when a hut appears in the center of the forest, everyone is frightened for real.
  2. Krampus. This film is also included in the list of "horror", it tells about a certain Krampus. If a good Santa Claus presents Christmas to all obedient children with gifts and brings only joy, then Krampus is his complete opposite. Its purpose is to punish those who did not obey their parents or did bad deeds. Nobody believed in him, until in one small provincial town on the eve of the most important holiday strange events began to occur. Several children have already disappeared, and now even adults believe in the existence of a demon. And one boy managed to escape from the clutches of Krampus. It turned out that together with other naughty children they put him in a bag and carried him into the forest. But what will happen next?
  3. "Patient Zero"- one of the best horror movies. The earth was struck by a virus, as a result of which the majority of people turned into “infected” - distraught cruel murderers who do not understand the human language and live only in order to kill.But some were not injured due to illness, but acquired immunity and a special gift. They can talk to patients and understand their speech. And one of these "lucky ones" is Dr. Morgan, whose wife also became infected and became ill. The doctor decides to find the first sick - the so-called "patient Zero." Only this will help to study the virus and find an antidote to save the survivors and cure the "infected".
  4. "The Last Rite". Attempts to intervene in the life of the other world always ended very sadly, but people still try to implement them. And the film tells about it. The police, who arrived in an abandoned house, found in it three dead young men. One guy managed to survive, but he is very scared. To the detective and the psychiatrist, he reports that his friends were killed during a seance. Allegedly they came to the house to talk with the dead. Friends even took their cameras with them to fix everything that was happening. But after the beginning of the session, everyone began to notice strange shadows that literally chased and walked through the rooms. And then someone attacked three friends.And now the psychiatrist and the policeman have to help the surviving guy and find out all the circumstances of the incident.
  5. "Doll". This film is also included in the list and will make the audience afraid. A wealthy and very prosperous family from England for their son hires a nanny from America. But when she arrives at the house, she realizes that her pupil is not quite ordinary. This is not a simple boy, but a doll that looks like a man and that everyone treats like normal people. Spouses have established strict rules, but the nanny decides to break them, not thinking about what this may lead to. She goes against, but very soon begins to realize that the doll can actually be alive. And it would be better if she understood this earlier.
  6. "Somnias"- one of the worst awaited films of this genre. A young couple lost a little son. The spouses were inconsolable, until they decided to start a new life and take the child from the orphanage. They took the lovely eight-year-old Cody from the orphanage. It would seem that the best times should come in the life of a couple, but everything turned out to be not so simple. It turns out that the boy is very afraid to sleep at night, he is worried about nightmares.But in the end, it turns out that Cody has an unusual gift: all his dreams come to life and turn out to be real. And every night the new parents of the boy are watching. And they can see both beautiful and lovely visions, and the most terrible scenes. And these nightmares can be deadly for everyone around you.
  7. "Man in the Dark"- a film for those who love creepy stories. A gang of teenagers decides to make extra money and finds the house of a millionaire. The owner of this luxurious mansion is blind and seemingly completely harmless. He does not communicate with people and he has no relatives, in general, this is an ideal victim, that’s what the film’s heroes thought. But if they knew how wrong! Once in the house of the old man, they almost immediately realize that he is a real psychopath, and very dangerous. The mansion is a trap for teenagers. And not everyone will be able to get out of it, because the millionaire has opened a hunt for thieves and intends to take revenge on them.
  8. "Judgment Night". Once a day, Judgment nights are held in the country, during which citizens can do almost anything they want: rob houses, kill, retaliate in the most horrible ways, and so on.This is 12 hours of this hell, just a nightmare, to survive in which not everyone can. But Senator Charlie Rohan is sick of such bloody lawlessness, and this woman decides to run for president to stop all this. But everyone is against it, and even the authorities are preventing it from ending this wild tradition. Roan becomes a victim of betrayal and on the most terrible Judgment Night turns out on the streets of Washington. She understands that it is not easy to survive. But the head of the security service, Leo Barnes, will do everything to save the senator, although it will be very difficult to do this and stay alive!
  9. Abatuar. The sister of journalist Julia died under strange circumstances, and the heroine decides to launch her own investigation to find out the details of the incident and find the murderer. She learns that her husband, who is being pursued by terrible visions, has cruelly dealt with his son and wife. But the room in which this horrendous crime took place simply disappeared. Julia finds out that such incidents happened before, and all of them are connected by the fact that the mystery stranger Jeremiah Kron was the buyer of the houses. His whereabouts are not known to anyone, but the heroine is looking for traces and finds a lost place in which a dwelling for ghosts is being built from parts of the missing houses.But this is not the worst, because soon Julia will have to figure out who and why this house is needed.
  10. “Come with me”- one of the most interesting and exciting movies. By the way, in this film starred in many other films, Anthony Hopkins. The main character Julia, after studying, decides to return to her hometown, but becomes a victim of sexual harassment by a certain Blackway. She turns to the police, but they understand that the guards of law and order are in no hurry and are not even going to. Then she begins to fight lawlessness on her own and addresses her friends: the former forester and his friend. And when they begin their own investigation, they realize that Julia was far from being the only victim of Blackway's scoundrel. But the strange thing is that when residents of a quiet little town hear the name of a criminal, they panic and experience wild horror. What happened here in recent years? The heroes decide to figure it out, but in the end they run into Blackwayme themselves and turn out to be practically powerless.
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