10 most interesting witch movies

Movies about witches are always interesting, because it is not known what the main characters can do. And what pictures can be safely called the best in their genre?

Top 10 best movies about witches:

  1. "Witchcraft". If you like movies about witches, then look at this one. The main characters are three cute young witches. These girls are hated in school, but they do not care, because they have very different interests. One day they all felt that very soon there would be more of them. And foreboding came true: the school had a new apprentice, who also turned out to be a witch. And now this four can do almost everything. But the girls decide to start with revenge on their offenders. Then they just foul the townspeople and gradually put almost the entire city on their ears. But one day everything goes too far. Young and inexperienced witches accidentally awaken dangerous and terrible forces, and now evil will acquire a new guise. And innocent pranks grow into terrible murders. And now the sorceresses must do everything to stop all this.
  2. The Witches of Eastwick. This film is not scary, but deserves attention. Blue-eyed blonde Sookie, green-eyed and red-haired Jane and brown-eyed brunette Alexander - modern girls. But their life is dull and monotonous, and they also dream of an ideal man and eternal love. But for the time being everything is still their only entertainment - joint evenings with talks about ideal relationships and martini. And once in the town of Eastwick, Daryll Van Horne appears. He - a real Casanova, famous for his debauchery. And he is very rich and incredibly charismatic. Did the witches' dreams come true, or did their unintentional spells cast their spells? All three fall in love with a man and begin to notice abilities in themselves that are inherent only to real witches. But can girls use them correctly?
  3. "Time of witches". Events unfold in the distant XIV century. At that time in Europe, many died from the plague. And mad and gripped by fear in all the troubles people accused a defenseless young girl who everyone considered a witch. But how does this sweet creature hurt someone? The cardinal dies and asks the knight Baamen to bring the suspect to a remote abbey, because there all the spells must instantly be destroyed.The girl is locked in an iron cage, and the six knights must take her to her destination. There is a long way to go and he, among other things, can be dangerous. The assumptions turned out to be true, and the sweet and seemingly innocent prisoner turns into a real witch, the true fiend of hell. She is incredibly strong and insidious. And only brave Bamen will be able to get rid of her, and his true friends will help him.
  4. "The Last Witch Hunter"- another film that deserves your attention and is included in the list. The world is full of secrets, and there is so much unknown and unexplored in it that it takes your breath away. And one of the secrets is the very real existence of the witches. These creatures are treacherous and cruel, and their goal is to send plague on humanity that will take the lives of millions. For centuries, armies of specially trained hunters fought witches. But nowadays only one of them remains - Calder. Once he managed to destroy the invincible queen, but this does not mean that the war is over. After all, magic spells are strong. Once Calder finds out that the sovereign of darkness has risen and wants to take revenge on the last hunter and plunge the whole world into darkness and horror.The hero has to gather all his strength and resist evil, which threatens all of humanity.
  5. "Witch hunters". Two wonderful kids are in the gingerbread house. They were brought here by a stepmother, and sweets - the bait of a witch who wants to kill children. But little Hansel and Gretel turned out to be strong and smart: by some miracle they managed to destroy the witch. 15 years have passed since then, and during that time the heroes gained strength, strengthened noticeably and mastered new skills. But only one thing has not changed: they still resist evil and hunt witches. But very soon they will have to face something strong and scary. And the past can be much more dangerous than the present.
  6. "Practical Magic"- albeit a rather old, but very interesting film. Mansion Owens all try to bypass the party, because, according to long-held belief, it belongs to an ancient witch family. And all those who do not please the mistresses of this mysterious house, just regret it, because the girls are endowed with special abilities. But in fact, everything is not so scary, because the sisters are not only witches, but, above all, women who, like everyone, dream to love and be loved.But this is not a task: they have been given a strong curse, according to which anyone whom girls fall in love will die in the very near future. One sister has already experienced the spell and lost her husband, left a widow with two children. The other did not even try to decide fate and decided not to love. But the new fan is so annoying that the owners of the mansion decide to get rid of him. And then the fun begins.
  7. "The Witch of Blair: course from the other world". This film is also worth watching. In the fall of 1994, three cinema university students traveled to the forests of the state of Maryland to make a documentary film about a witch who once wielded in these places and brutally murdered children. But they all went missing. A year later, the footage was discovered, and it will help to solve the mystery of the mysterious disappearance. It turned out that almost immediately after arriving in this forest, students hopelessly lost their way. A little later, they realized that everything that happened to them was the machinations of the very witch, whom they so wanted to know as much as possible.
  8. "Sleepy Hollow". Events unfold in 1799 in New York. Young Constable Icabod Crain arrives in a small and forgotten God’s settlement with the strange name Sonya Dingle to launch an investigation into a series of mysterious murders,happened here. Locals in one voice say that all the unfortunate killed a mysterious headless horseman. In addition, the killer takes the heads of his victims. But Ikabod is sure that someone is cleverly disguised and deceives everyone. But soon he will realize that a headless horseman really exists. And this cruel killer came from the other world, and local witches helped him in this. But why do we need all these crimes?
  9. "Viy". We are talking about the first film adaptation, it is much more interesting and more successful than the last modern one. Previously, this film was probably the only one in the horror genre. In the story, philosopher Thomas Brutus faces a difficult test: over the course of several nights he should read the dead mistress, which everyone considered to be a witch. Thomas himself does not believe in otherworldly forces, but very soon he will be convinced that they are real. And now he has to confront evil and fight his own fears.
  10. "Take me to hell". The main character Christina Brown is quite a happy girl. She has a caring and loving boyfriend, a prestigious job in a bank and housing. But one day everything changes dramatically.A certain Mrs. Hanoush appears in the bank, which asks Christina to suspend the mortgage. The girl is happy to help and can do it, but then she will not be able to occupy a higher position. She refuses the old woman, but very soon she will greatly regret it. Ganush inflicts a curse on Christina, and the life of the heroine becomes like hell. And to help the poor girl now can only be no less powerful than the witch Hanoush, seer Shaun Sen Den.
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