10 reasons why a bra goes out of fashion

If you had time to notice, then the trend towards naturalness and convenience, which for us - the generation that grew up on the glamorous aesthetics of MTV and glossy magazines of the 2000s - is in fashion now, is flourishing at times - it looks shocking at times. For example, this concerns the fashion for an open demonstration of the breast, in which the bra no longer plays the role of a protective “barrier”, but is reduced to two thin triangles of fabric or is completely absent. The trend is joined by scientists (no, not British!) From the University of Franche-Comté in the French city of Besancon, who say that we, women, by definition do not need a bra. It turns out that wearing a bra in comparison with a complete rejection of the latter does not have advantages either for medical, or for anatomical, or for psychological indicators. Here we immediately recall the historical fact that a bra is not an invention for the benefit of mankind, but a piece of clothing, conceived to hide from the men's eyes the sexualized and objectified part of the female body - the breast.By the way, just like long skirts in their own times. But today we are wearing a mini and do not complain that maxi is vital for us? So, we found 10 reasons to abandon the bra or at least take a vacation from him for the whole summer.

Reason number 1: charges in the morning will be faster

Dressed, combed their hair, drank coffee and ran on business. It will not be a secret for you that the bras for us as for men are socks: the very white with thin straps that would fit perfectly to this blouse, evaporated somewhere, which caused you to turn the entire chest of drawers inside out , nervous, left the keys inside the apartment ...

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Reason number 2: you will save money

Any bra costs money, and one whose lace does not shine treacherously, the straps do not stretch in a month, and the cups are not covered with pellets, it also costs substantial money. And now you just have to write a list of bras that are needed: a) beige, b) black, c) sporty, d) without straps, e) push up, - and at an average cost of a model about 3,000 rubles. you already save a substantial amount ...

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Reason number 3: you will not be stuffy in the summer

The bra and summer are totally incompatible,so if you really decide to abandon this item of women's wardrobe, then during the warm season, all this requires: less sweat in the most unexpected places, unpleasant feelings, “oh, oh, how it itches,” and only a light breeze, which now freely blows through the whole body .

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Reason number 4: you feel freer

Rethink this feeling in your head when you come home from work tired, take off your clothes and then a tight bra, put on your pajamas and feel how the wings will grow from the lightness of being behind your back. Now imagine that without a bra these sensations do not end, and, which is especially nice, pajamas like street clothes are now just in the trend ...

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Reason number 5: long live outfits with an open back!

These damn sexy sweaters with the deepest cut on the back, silk tops with an intricate web of straps on the back, and even the most common men's shirts that can be worn backwards without buttoning all the buttons on the back - now everything is yours by law. And no flies with transparent straps, we're not at school!

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Reason number 6: boring turtlenecks and inconspicuous tops look much sexier.

Tired of the gray T-shirt that you wear for several years in a row? Just forget to wear a bra under her, and it will look as if it is a playful top with a neckline. Do not know what to wear to the party? Take the same shirt in which on Friday morning you were in the office, but just do not fasten on it the first 4-5 buttons ...

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Reason number 7: T-shirts on thin straps will not look at you like a schoolgirl ...

... which is very shy of its size A. Because if you have already graduated from school and institute a long time ago, to be ashamed of your own body is at least strange. And if this is so, then, perhaps, these jerseys will help you to let go of the stereotypes for freedom and just feel comfortable in your body.

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Reason number 8: traces of bra gum will stop to press and itch

Truly, the heavenly sensations that those who have often been mistaken in life with the size of a bra (still, it’s a science!) Will fully experience it, and then on the escalator they tried to “catch” fallen straps somewhere or lower the bra down by one movement so that he now viciously rubbed somewhere else.

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Reason number 9: you will discover that there is no ugly breast.

But, unfortunately, there are bras that want to give the different outlines of the breast the same shape of a regular round ball, which in fact does not exist in nature.

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Reason number 10: After the experiment, you might want to go on light bras

Try to hold out for a few days without a bra at all, and for dense bras with push up and closed cups, you may have developed something like an allergy. If you note this for yourself, try the light models of bralette bras - they do not have pits and support the breast only at the expense of the fabric and also fit the owners of the magnificent bust.

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