10 signs of a mentally healthy woman

As is known, it is the female gender that is called “weak”, as regards not only physical strength, but also subtle mental organization or mental state, which in the beautiful half of society is often much more unstable than in men.

Women tend to worry more: for family and children, for home life, for circumstances at work or in a team, they suffer mental trauma much worse and harder, which directly affects their mental health.

Today we decided to talk and list the top 10 signs that define a mentally healthy and well-balanced woman, we should not worry about such women, because they are ways to cope with many life difficulties with their heads held high.

  1. So, the first sign is the flowering and well-groomed appearance of a woman. She always takes care of herself, she wants to rejoice at herself and those around her with her attractiveness and, importantly, she is not too lazy to spend time and energy on this.
  2. A mentally healthy woman is always open for relationships and love: at the same time, she loves not because of something or for something, but just like that, not expecting anything in return. At the same time, she will build such a principle of relations not only in parental love, but also in partnership.
  3. She has almost no bad habits, she does not smoke and practically does not drink. Simply she does not need it to feel happy or confident, all this is replaced by a balanced and harmonious shower organization.
  4. She loves and knows how to accept compliments. Have you noticed how sometimes women are embarrassed or do not agree with the pleasant words of the opposite sex? This is a completely wrong position based on internal complexes and fears. A real woman with a healthy psyche and worthy self-esteem is confident with the opposite sex, is able to interest and attract attention.
  5. Such women always strive for self-development. They perfectly understand that life is a constant movement, and therefore it is very important to show interest and curiosity in various fields. Usually they have some favorite hobby that brings them pleasure and helps them grow.
  6. She is able to rejoice, joke and smile sincerely.Healthy ladies do not expect a special occasion to experience happiness and pleasure (holidays, weekends), they always find a way to smile. At the same time, the reason for joy can be even the simplest, at first glance, for example, the first flowers in a flower bed, a broken leaf from a tree or a clear sun outside the window.
  7. Mental healthy women rarely complain and can be grateful. You, for certain, met those who constantly complain - on fate, on the husband, on the small salary, on annoying relatives or neighbors, in general, on everything that you can think of. But there are those who really feel a deep appreciation for all that they already have at the moment.
  8. She does not constantly try to avoid sweet or flour, count calories and gained kilograms. A happy and healthy woman lives in harmony with her body, she gets real pleasure from nutrition, as a result she does not experience constant stress.
  9. Such women fully understand the responsibility for their own and the lives of loved ones, they never blame others (husband, parents, loved ones) for their own failures and failures.
  10. Still, women are a special “race”, sometimes they are characterized by weaknesses, for which men love them. Life can not pass smoothly and without any jumps and unrest, which sometimes affect the mental organization of the fair sex. However, if they are able to quickly recover and return "to their own place," then there is nothing to worry about.
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