10 things a dog will do with your home and life

Personal experience of our author, honest and merciless.

Imagine that you are the mother of five children. Submitted? If you have one dog at home, you are a mother of ten children with complex characters. Of course, a lot depends on the breed. But you can forget about a quiet life anyway.

Jack Russell Gosh appeared in our family when Marousi was not in the project yet. They expected that we would train on a dog, and it would be easier for children to go. The story of Gosha is complicated: we took him from the orphanage, count from the orphanage. Once our dog was called Timofi, then Jack, my husband and I decided: a new life, which means we need a new name. It would be better for us at that moment to think about why several owners have already abandoned the charming dog. And there were plenty of reasons.

Meet Gosh
Photo: personal archive

1. Boss, do not go

Gosh can not stand alone at home. And this he demonstrates in every way from the first day. At first, he growled and did not even let go to the door. Then he rushed to his feet, whined, looked at you with huge sad devotional dog eyes.We adapt ourselves to quickly close it in the room and, while Gosh is fighting with the door, slip away from the apartment. But cats still scrape the soul: how is it there? Are you bored? Suffering? In general, all day is spoiled.

2. Down with the door

As a result of his daily loneliness, Gosh decided that the doors were evil. And the evil that separates him from his master must be destroyed. The surest way to dog - gnaw. Ordinary doors with emptiness inside Gosh gnawed two days before the quite comfortable free passage. At first, he punched a small hole with a paw, and then he tore off the casing with his teeth. Having changed five doors, the husband began to “save”: he turned the door upside down, outweighed the hinges, while it was something to outweigh. Now we bought doors from the array, cheap, but for the time being they are not amenable to Gosha. The idea to install metal options in the apartment was refused, the dog dentist will be more expensive.

3. Only my toys

What do dog toy makers know about Gosh teeth? It looks like nothing. Any new toy turns into a pile of torn colored rubber in just fifteen minutes. And Gosh, with a sense of accomplishment, goes scouring the apartment in search of something else to chew on."Something else" is most often the niece's toys. Ksyusha still remembers the Dasha doll, which Gosha decapitated in half an hour.

Now Gosha is stealing from Marusya. And Marusya is considered more honorable, yet the youngest in the family, life has not yet smelled.

By the way, on toys for dogs you can really go broke. I have something to compare with: a ball for a shaggy friend costs twice as much as an analog for a child.

4. We are the same wool with you

It doesn’t matter whether a smooth or long-haired, white or black, carved or not. In any case, you will remove wool, eat wool and carry it with you to work on all the details of your clothes. Gosh, after a visit to the dog hairdresser, who gently combed his hair with a trimmer, an hour later he was ready to give you hair again.

And believe me, long-haired models of dogs are much better than short-haired, long hair is easier to collect than to tear out small cloths from the fabric almost with the help of tweezers.

Photo: personal archive

5. Only sneeze between past and future

Our friends, as it turned out, have a serious allergy to dogs. At the same time, it manifested itself only from the third visit to us. Red eyes, itchy nose.Although our dog is clean, combed out and sometimes even scented (husband, I hope you don’t read this).

6. The marsh is deeper

Even Gosh does not like to be clean. If we go into the forest, the dog quickly disguises the color of the earth. He simply finds the dirtiest puddle or swamp and dives there right up to his ears. The apogee of disguise was his jump into a pit of brown slush. The husband has already rushed to the rescue, but Gosh independently emerged from there in a minute. It was so dirty that even the eye was not visible.

He also discourages the smell of purity. Imagine a dog running down the street, suddenly stops, leads with its nose and rushes to the side, rolls onto its back and rolls eagerly. Now we know that Gosh fell back to a dead animal, or to the place where it once lay. Well, if this happens near the house and do not have to go with a smelly dog ​​in the car. Another thing - in the journey. Once, I really thought that I would tie a dog to the bumper and slowly go home.

7. A cat is an unnecessary animal.

It happens differently, but usually dogs do not like cats very much. Sometimes even shivering all over the body - from ear to tail. A cat already lived at home before Gosha. We always stand guard fluffy.Otherwise, become his dinner George. Street cats have already noticed the abnormal dog, which even in the process of fulfilling its natural need, snaps its teeth in an attempt to reach the brazen meowing muzzle. I will not hide, there are victims. But we are socially responsible to save them, treat and do not forget.

8. People are also so-so

But this is the main reason why the owners said goodbye to Gosha. Even more than cats, he hates people. Entrance and distance of fifty meters from the entrance of dogs defined as its own territory, free from humans. As a result, five years later, the neighbors skillfully learned how to jump away from an aggressive kid, hide behind shopping bags and stopped hating us. Rather, they look understandingly, saying, this is how much grief you got.

Once a veterinarian offered us to castrate Gosha and take him to a zoopsychologist. But! Gosh has already been neutered. After a few sessions, the zoopsychologist just spread his hands, saying that you love him and he will be better. Oh well!

Photo: personal archive

9. Just you and me in this world

And Gosh terribly jealous. At first, he did not allow her husband to sit with me on the same sofa. Immediately resorted, bared his teeth, growled in his ear, they say, my woman, please leave the room. About sex and speech did not go: it was necessary to leave the house so that Gosh did not gobble up. Then he was jealous of her husband for the cat.Now he is jealous of all of us to Marus. It is understandable, the baby is the size of a cat, and he is constantly dragged on his hands, they buy toys, they are fed with a spoon. Where's the justice?

Gosh has already made several attempts to bite Marusya. Save, like a domestic cat. Successfully. But the mother's heart from the efforts of Gosha freezes: sometimes I seriously think, maybe for a while to find another house for him? Well, until Maroussia grows up and begins to fight him back. But, I am afraid, Gosh will not stand such betrayal.

10. And in the rain and snow

Gosh requires walking three times a day. At the same time, morning and evening should be long. Otherwise, the dog’s energy has nowhere to go, and Gosh is bored with boredom even ready to bite off his paw. Ready, but prefers to gnaw the sofa, wires, columns, ointment for the joints, flowers - just look around, in general everything can become a victim of boredom Goshin.

You will have to walk in any weather, and there will be no options to move out of the topic.

Gosha's answer

Well, mistress, you are freaking out! Of course, I do not want to be alone at home. I love you very much, and parting with you is a real tragedy. Doors separate me and you, but why should we separate? And I gnaw on toys for a reason, firstly,I help Marus and Ksyusha deal with them, and secondly, you bring strange toys to your house, they look suspicious, you have to understand their inner world. I leave the wool to you so that at least you can be together all day so that you carry a piece of me on yourself. I do not like? Let's, as in ancient times, a lock of my hair in a pendant and we put on your neck.

About cats and people - absolutely not true. I love everyone, but I am a dog, I must protect you. On one love you will not go far. And in order to catch the enemy, I try to discourage my smell, otherwise the villain hears me, and the whole rescue operation will end. I recognize the jealousy and will be corrected, there is such a sin. For a separate audio system, I'm sorry, but I can't fix it, I have paws.

I love you very much, masters, I am ready to repeat this every day. Don't give me to anyone.

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