11 evidence that the iron is an indispensable thing, even if you do not iron!

Who said iron for ironing only? This device has much more abilities! We will show how sometimes it is useful to use ordinary things for unusual purposes. We have collected 11 incredible ways for you to use iron.

1. Smoothing dents on a wooden surface

It often happens that the surface of a wooden thing wears out over time and dents appear on it. Iron these areas with an iron through a rag or paper towel using steam. The dents will disappear, because when heated with steam, the tree slightly swells and rises. This way will get rid of dents even on a wooden floor.

2. Remove wax stains from fabric

Put a paper towel on the stain, iron, remove the paper and wipe the area with a cleaning agent and a towel. This method will help get rid of gum traces on the fabric.

3Fastening the edges of linoleum

Iron is indispensable even in the repair. You have a need to secure the edges of linoleum so that they do not curl. Iron to help you. Take an iron and a piece of foil. Heat the problematic area of ​​linoleum with an iron: put the foil and iron it. After the linoleum leaves the floor surface, you can glue it again. After applying the adhesive, press this area of ​​linoleum to the floor with a roller or cooled surface of the iron.

4. To take a plastic bag

With the help of a hot iron, you can solder a bag with any filling to protect the contents from dirt, insects, etc. You can also seal the burst bag. Take the bag with the necessary content, wrap with foil edges that are going to glue. Heat the iron and place it on the foil, pressing it down. Under the foil, the edges of the bag will melt and stick together. When the foil has cooled, you can remove it.

5. Remove stains from the carpet

Stains on the carpet are not a problem if there is a cleaning agent, a towel and an iron. You can get rid of large and old spots, even on fluffy surfaces. First of all, you need to sprinkle the stain with a cleanermoisten this place and put a towel on top. If the stain is large, and the towel is small, then you can simply move it to process the entire stain. We put on the cooked place the heated iron for a few seconds and watch as the stain from the carpet goes to the towel. Of course, it will take some time and repeated attempts to remove the entire stain.

6. Remove stains from water

7. Remove old wallpaper from the wall

Drive along the wallpaper with a hot iron so that there is a short distance between the wallpaper and the surface of the iron. Use steam. Heat and moisture will soften the glue, and the wallpaper can be easily removed.

8. Make plastic cups

All that needs to be done is to cut off the top of the bottle and convert the lower part into cups.


9. Glue plastic bags

10. A quick way to make a herbarium.

Dried and pressed flowers can decorate any room!

11. Colorful patterns

This method is so simple and brilliant that even children can participate in its implementation!

So you can decorate any item of fabric, whether it be clothes or a curtain. Rub on a large grater shavings multicolored wax crayons. Spread it all over the surface.Put a paper towel on top. On the iron, set the average temperature and start smoothing, checking every 30 seconds, until the crayons are completely melted.

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