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June 11 marks the 29th anniversary of the actor Shia Laabouf. The one who came to the red carpet with a paper bag on his head. On this occasion, Woman`s Day remembers celebrities who have become famous not only for their creativity, but also for outrageous antics.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia Labaf photo
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The journalists who came to the Berlin Film Festival last year were even more alert at the press conference of the film “Nymphomaniac”, which Shia presented as one of the leading roles. More precisely, he should have imagined: in fact, he simply sat and chewed gum noisily, ignored questions, and then, uttering a vague maxim: “Gulls are flying behind the trawler, because they hope that sardines will fall into the sea,” he left the event. And in the evening at the premiere of the picture he was seen on the red carpet with a paper bag on his head. (For the rest, the actor’s appearance didn’t raise questions: a black tuxedo, a white shirt, a butterfly.) The package was decorated with slits for the eyes and another mysterious phrase: “I am no longer famous”. Nobody managed to solve its meaning.

When they began to forget about the case with the package, Lubaf pleased journalists with a new sensation: he told how he ... was raped. According to the actor, this happened during an art installation in which he participated. Shia sat for five days in a gallery room with a paper bag (he is again!) On his head. Visitors came to him one by one, and everyone could do whatever he wanted with him, while according to the rules, Labaf had not resisted and talked. One of the visitors allegedly took advantage of the situation and raped the actor. It is not known what Shia wanted to boast of telling the world this story, but she provided him with the reputation of the strangest Hollywood guy.

Lady Gaga

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The singer cannot be denied her talent, but this is not enough for her: she relied on the shocking image. Virtually every outfit is perceived as a slap in the face to the public taste. The apotheosis was the meat dress, in which Lady Gaga came in 2010 to the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards. Her outfit, including a hat, shoes, and even a handbag, was made from real beef itself. The singer gave a comment about him: they say, if we do not fight for our rights, it will be just a piece of meat.The dress caused a huge resonance: someone (primarily animal advocates) was indignant, someone admired. Singer Cher, for example, said that this is the most amazing outfit she has ever seen.

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