13 fees of stars that you do not earn in a lifetime

Even if you work at five rates seven days a week!

The average salary in Moscow is about 50 thousand rubles. In the regions, and even less. Another thing - the fees of Hollywood actors ... Many stars, starring in one film, get the amount that will turn the head to anyone. But now we understand why they buy islands for themselves, and they donate fabulous money to charity! We, in their place, probably would have done the same.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: shot from the film "Salt"

The film: “Salt”, 2010. Fee: $ 20 million.

At the moment, Angelina Jolie has more than 40 film works and three Golden Globe awards: for the TV series “George Wallace”, as well as the films “Gia” and “Interrupted Life”. However, the actress received the highest fee for the painting "Salt", in which she played a Russian spy. She played, of course, as always, well, but one cannot but agree that there are much brighter roles in her biography.Here, apparently, played Angie's incredible wave of popularity associated with the success of working at Lara Croft and relations with Brad Pitt.

Julia Roberts

Photo: A shot from the movie "Mona Lisa Smile"

Film: “Mona Lisa Smile”, 2003. Fee: 25 million dollars.

After receiving the Golden Globe award for her role in Pretty Woman, as well as the Oscars, Emmy and BAFTA for the role of Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts raised her salary. And many times. Like, you want me to star in your movie, pay no less ... $ 25 million. Well, good self-esteem. The only pity is that the film “Mona Lisa's Smile” was not marked by film critics, so the actress had to reduce her bids again. And right! Then in her career there were such wonderful films as “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Larry Crown”, “Horrible Lady”.

Jim carrey

Photo: a shot from the movie "Always say" Yes ""

The film: “Always say yes”, 2008. Fee: $ 35 million.

Jim Carrey is the winner of two and a nominee for six Golden Globes, as well as a BAFTA nominee. That's just on the "Oscar" actor is not nominated. We hope that he is not upset about it. After all, for a fairly simple comedy "Always say" Yes "" Kerry paid about 35 milliondollars. Agree impressive. After such a salary, you can go to the islands and no longer go to work. But no! Jim is not like that. He continues to delight fans of roles in movies and television shows. True, for a smaller amount.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: a frame from the movie "The Beginning"

Movie: "The Beginning", 2010. Fee: 55 million dollars.

Leonardo DiCaprio has more than 10 prestigious film awards and about 30 nominations for film awards. With this in mind, it is not surprising that he is considered one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. However, according to sources, he received the biggest fee for his role in the film “The Beginning”. And all because the directors promised him bonuses for the income from sales of the film to TV channels and on DVD. Sales, as you might guess, were good. Usually, Leo demands no more than $ 20 million for a role, and here he received about 55 million. Consider it yourself.

Jack Nicholson

Photo: a shot from the movie "Batman"

Film: Batman, 1989 Fee: 60 million dollars.

Jack Nicholson was nominated for an Oscar-winning record 12 times, and received the coveted statuette twice, which is also not bad. Awards for the "Batman" he was not given. But he received for the role of an ominous clown Joker $ 60 million. And at that time such fees were not given to anyone. We represent how the actor was pleased!

Harrison ford

Photo: A shot from the movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

The film: "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", 2007. Fee: 65 million dollars.

Harrison Ford is able to negotiate with directors. How else to explain the fact that for the second part of “Indiana Jones”, which they decided to take off almost 20 (!) Years after the first, he demanded $ 65 million dollars? Of course, the creators of the tape could not refuse the actor. But Ford promised, as before, to perform all the tricks on their own. And he kept his word.

Sandra bullock

Photo: shot from the film "Gravity"

Film: "Gravity", 2013. Fee: 70 million dollars.

Did you know that Angelina Jolie was supposed to be starred in Gravity? But for unknown reasons, she refused, freeing the way for Sandra Bullock. We think now ex-wife Pitt bites logty. After all, her rival for the role paid 70 million dollars (to the standard fee actress added 15% of box office). Sandra also took home the statuettes of Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and the US Screen Actors Guild for this work. In general, 2013 was the best for her in all respects!

Tom Hanks

Photo: shot from the film "Saving Private Ryan"
Photo: a frame from the movie "Angels and Demons"
Photo: a shot from the film "Forrest Gump"

Film: “Saving Private Ryan”, 1998. Fee: 40 million dollars.

Film: Angels and Demons, 2009 Fee: 50 million dollars.

Film: “Forest Gamp”, 1994. Fee: 70 million dollars.

Tom Hanks received fabulous fees three times. But the first, the highest, he was paid back in 1994 for his role in the film "Forest Gump." All decided box office. At the time of filming, the directors doubted the success of the film, but promised the actor a 10% bonus on sales. As a result, the film turned out to be one of the most rated, and Hanks received $ 70 million! The next time Tom was lucky four years later on the set of “Save Private Ryan” when he was offered $ 40 million for the role on the wave of popularity. The next large sum Hanks received in 2009 for working on the adaptation of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. By the way, such salaries received several times in a row in Hollywood only by Tom Cruise!

Johnny Depp

Film: “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”, 2011. Fee: 56 million dollars.

The film: “Alice in Wonderland”, 2010. Fee: 75 million dollars.

Johnny Depp has always been famous for good fees, but they were record-breaking shoots of the films Alice in Wonderland and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shores.Then in just one year he received 131 million dollars! With such a salary, you can buy a few yachts, mansions and an island, and also start a romance with a young beauty Amber Heard. However, so the actor did. True, in vain. A few years later, a marriage with a new girlfriend ended in divorce, and the property had to be sold because of debts ... It seems that Johnny set a bad example of managing his capital. Read moreHERE.

Will Smith

Photo: shot from the movie "I, Robot"
Photo: a frame from the movie "People in Black - 3"

The film: “I, Robot”, 2004. Fee: 28 million dollars.

The film: "Men in Black - 3", 2012. Fee: $ 100 million.

Will Smith - a real careerist. And he knows his worth. If for the first parts of “Men in Black” he demanded only $ 5 million, then for the third, having shown evidence that his paintings are becoming popular, $ 100 million! Well, how could the directors refuse him if the actor really spoke the truth? Note that before the last part of the cult film Smith's highest fee was a role in the film “I, the Robot.”

Tom Cruise

Photo: shot from the movie "War of the Worlds"
Photo: shot from the film "Mission: Impossible - 3"

Film: Mission: Impossible - 2, 2000. Fee: 75 million dollars.

The film: “War of the Worlds”, 2005. Fee: $ 100 million.

Film: Mission: Impossible - 3, 2006. Fee: 75 million dollars.

There is no limit to perfection or ... fee. In the wake of the success of the first part of the film Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise decided to raise his salary in this project to $ 75 million. Moreover, he received such a sum for the second and third parts of the tape. But his requests did not end there. During the break, he also starred in War of the Worlds for $ 100 million! So, in six years of work, he earned $ 250 million. Former wife of Tom Katie Holmes at this time, probably worried. After all, if she had lived with Cruise for 11 years, then, according to the marriage contract, she could claim half of his fortune. Read moreHERE.

Keanu Reeves

Photo: a shot from the movie "The Matrix: Revolution"
Photo: a frame from the movie "The Matrix: Reload"

The film: “The Matrix: Revolution”, 2003. Fee: 75 million dollars.

Movie: “The Matrix: Reload”, 2003. Fee: 125 million dollars.

In 2003, two films with Keanu Reeves came out at once: “The Matrix: Restart”, and then “The Matrix: Revolution”. But who works a lot, he earns a lot. So, the actor's fee for the two parts of the project totaled $ 200 million.For the subsequent roles he was paid less. But, we think, in principle, after such a success, Keanu could not work at all!

Bruce willis

Photo: A shot from the film "The Sixth Sense"

Film: The Sixth Sense, 1999 Fee: 126 million dollars.

Bruce Willis was lucky. Initially, for participation in the film "The Sixth Sense" he was paid only 15 million dollars. But at the same time assured that he will receive 17% of the box office film. And who would have thought that the picture would become incredibly popular and the actor would eventually pay all 126 million dollars! That's how Bruce's modest requests turned out to be a big reward.

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