16 brilliant inventions that everyone should have

Mankind has many brilliant ideas and discoveries. Their scale is different, but most of them are useful and important for us. This collection is devoted to everyday things that are designed to facilitate our daily lives and become indispensable helpers for every day. Therefore, if you are thinking about some useful acquisition or gift, pay attention to these things.

A device for grinding garlic% image_alt%

This is a great alternative to a regular garlic press, since after use this device is convenient to wash and there is no need to pick out the garlic residues.

Special fork for spaghetti% image_alt%

To long pasta did not fall off the fork, its denticles should be exactly wavy. Agree, everything is very simple.

360 ° outlet% image_alt%

It allows you to charge several forks at once. A very practical invention that will probably soon appear everywhere where there is electricity.

Onion holder% image_alt%

Solves the problem of smooth cutting. It often happens that the slippery film on the bow does not allow cutting it neatly. And the holder fixes it securely and makes it possible to do the work with jeweler's precision.

Lock for cans% image_alt%

It deprives home thieves of the opportunity to profit at your expense. Very useful thing, especially if you live in a hostel.

Double-sided stand for cold and hot drinks% image_alt%

It maintains the temperature of the drink that stands on it, like a portable table thermos. In addition, you can recharge your mobile phone from this device.

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