19 creative ideas for creating pine needles

Decorate your home for the New Year holidays - a common occupation for many. Probably, this occupation brings no less pleasure than the holidays themselves. You can not only follow the longstanding traditions by hanging a family collection of decorations on a Christmas tree, but also master new ideas for decoration. Materials for creativity can be searched during a country walk. For some types of decor, you do not need to cut whole trees - the branches left after the sanitary treatment of the forest will do.

In the decoration of the house for Christmas and New Year, you can use branches of all sizes. In the course will go not only the usual spruce and pine, but also other conifers. In some compositions, for example, juniper or thuja will look great. The main thing is that the plant belongs to the so-called evergreens. You can decorate every room in the house with hand-made pine needles and cones. Something, however, is more appropriate for a country house. But, if you really like the idea too much, try to implement it on the balcony or decorate the front door.

1. Decor for the front door.

The wreath at the entrance door is traditionally considered a sign of trust and the invitation of passers-by to their house. Now on sale a lot of wreaths of factory production from artificial branches. But you can create such an ornament yourself, to create a festive atmosphere for passers-by. A message on the door can be written absolutely any! Maybe you, on the contrary, want to ask strangers to bypass your house party?


1. Choose the branches that will be the basis of the decoration. Very impressive in this "bouquet" will look fluffy fir branches with long cones.

2. For a plate with the inscription you need to choose a plate of a suitable size. Best suited to processing pine.

3. Hack the corners so that they have a more interesting shape.

4. Drill holes, for which the plate will be attached to a wreath of pine needles.

5. Print the message with the selected message. Then take a ballpoint pen, pencil or other pointed object and circle around the inscription while pressing on the wood. On the plate there will be a trace necessary for work.

6. Circle the inscription with paint. Water-based dyes, such as acrylic, are best suited.

7After the paint has dried, coat the plate with stain or varnish.

8. If you used the stain, cover the plate with acrylic spray paint.

9. Draw a string through the holes.

10. Fasten a sign on the bouquet of fir branches. You can supplement the composition with burlap or other natural fabric.

Decoration is ready!

2. Composition with candles.

Candles are traditionally used in New Year's décor. If as a stand for them to use the leaves of needles and cones, we get a full-fledged decoration. The structure can be bonded with wire and polyurethane foam. You can add bright ribbons and shiny balls. The decoration will look even more interesting if you combine branches of different coniferous trees in it.

Prepare all the necessary materials - candles are white or red, bright satin ribbons, wire, or a special net for handicrafts, foam for floristics (mounting foam can be used), cones, balls, skewers or sticks for attaching candles.

2. Pick up the coniferous branches. Pine, juniper and mistletoe look great together.

3. If you have special accessories for floristics, use them.Construct foam and mesh construction, which can be purchased in specialized stores. But these materials can be replaced with foam and ordinary wire. In addition, ordinary clay can be used as a base.

4. Secure branches on the basis, starting with the largest.

5. The result should be a pretty lush bouquet.

6. Attach the candles with wire or colored tape to painted wooden sticks or skewers. Place the candles on the base.

7. Attach the cones to the composition. Ideal if you have green wire at your disposal. In the same way, fix the other decor.

8. Choose a location for your composition. If you put the decoration on the windowsill, not only your household, but also passers-by can admire it.

3. And another version of the wreath at the door ...

It is not necessary to adhere to standard Christmas colors. Instead of red and gold, add coniferous branches with silver balls and ribbons the color of spring grass. Such a decoration will look great on a light door without too much decor.

4. Balls with natural ornaments.

We used to hang balls on a Christmas tree.And you can do the original and put the tree inside the ball. You can replace the fir branches with any other needles. In extreme cases, you can even make such a decoration with the help of artificial needles. Just pick up a transparent ball of the desired size, remove the mount and fill it with the selected branches.

5. Mistletoe for kisses.

By tradition, if a free boy and girl accidentally find themselves under the branches of mistletoe, they should kiss. Sometimes lovers can spend hours waiting for their halves under the Christmas decoration ... You can make your own Kiss Ball, and not count on luck!


1. Select the base for your ball. It is more convenient to work with special balls from the floristry shop, but you can simply make a wire frame.

2. Secure the needles in the base.

3. Complete the composition with mistletoe leaves and other greenery at your discretion.

4. Decorate the ball for kissing can be cones and dried flowers.

5. You can complete the balloon with a golden or scarlet flight, for which the composition, among other things, can be fixed in the right place.

6. Laconic decoration for the kitchen.

Thuja or juniper perfectly refresh any interior.You can not be smart, and just arrange the branches around the house in a beautiful festive tableware.

7. Another variation on the theme of wreaths ...

If you love Christmas wreaths very much, it is not necessary to limit yourself to the only one on the front door. You can hang homemade decorations in any place, arrange accordingly. For example, a composition of wreaths made from different coniferous branches looks very harmonious.


  1. Pick up branches of different conifers of approximately the same size.
  2. Make a ring of dense wire and paint it in white.
  3. Secure the branches to the base with a wire or with a glue gun.
  4. Hang the wreaths on a wide ribbon of red at different heights.
  5. If desired, you can add to the wreaths decor of ribbons and balls.

8. The Mini Herringbone

For those who have not enough of one tree in the house. Mini sapling will decorate the working table, kitchen or hallway. Simply tie together a few small branches around the base and decorate with the smallest jewelry you have. Excellent alternative to the branches in the vase!

9. Garland of branches.

If you really have a lot of small branches of pine or spruce, simply tie them into a huge garland. You can supplement it with luminous flashlights or any other decor.

10.Another option to decorate the Christmas wreath

Can't choose between silver and gold decor? Use both! Just paint the cones collected in the forest with acrylic paints from a can. Pine cones will add volume decoration.

11. Tags for gifts.

To keep your guests from mixing up the gifts placed under the Christmas tree, you can write the names of the recipients on these original tags. Unlike torn packaging, few people will get a hand up!

12. Aroma of needles in the house.

A simple and incredibly successful solution for everyone who has only an artificial Christmas tree in the house. The aroma of this Christmas tree can be created by yourself!

You will need cinnamon (it is better to take sticks, but powder will do) and other Christmas spices, such as nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, as well as pine or spruce needles. Boil the spices along with the needles and store in a warm place. If necessary, the mixture can be heated. If the house has a fireplace or stove - put the mixture in them. If you cannot get the needles - just add a few drops of fir oil, which can be bought at a pharmacy, into the broth.

13.Decorated with green candlesticks.

A very simple idea for which you need only glue and small coniferous branches. It is better to choose water-based glue, then after the holidays, candlesticks will be easy to give the old look.

14. Bowls of greens.

Any copper or pottery is associated with festive bells. Therefore, a simple combination of beautiful glasses or glasses with small sprigs looks very festive!

15. And again the garland ...

Habitual garland of needles perfectly complement juniper berries. If there are no natural - you can use artificial! And with the needles are perfectly combined rowan berries.

16. Star from the branches.

For those who are tired of the usual forms ... These stars can be hung around the garden or used as a wreath at the entrance.

17. Basket with flashlights.

Elegant composition to decorate the garden or balcony. Flashlights can run on a battery hidden in a basket.

18. And again the composition with the message ...

This time used the volume of red letters.

19. Framed of mistletoe.

Strictly speaking, evergreens for Christmas and New Year will look appropriate when decorating absolutely any object.Create a festive mood and please your loved ones!

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