24 hour communication

24 hour communication

24 hour communication

In the good old days, most employees worked at a specific time - from eight in the morning until five in the evening. All work in progress was postponed until the next day. Every day the employees had a lunch break. If someone was not in the workplace, he was left with notes that could be answered the next day.


How things have changed! Today, many of us check the answering machine and e-mail early in the morning, even before we go to work. To save time, employees often have lunch at the workplace or in the car.


In organizations where full returns are valued, working outside office hours creates a good reputation for the employee. An employee sending an email at two or three in the morning may have insomnia or just come back from a merry party. But it seems that he is sick in his soul for the work. In the old days, if a brilliant idea dawned on the boss in the middle of the night, he had to wait until morning to share it with his subordinates.Now he can send an email without waiting for the dawn.


The director of a large company liked to send emails with new ideas to his subordinates deep in the night, and early in the morning he demanded concrete proposals on these ideas. This naturally affected the work of subordinates. At first they were disturbed by the state of health of the chief, and then they stopped paying attention to it, as they were looking for another job.


Useful tips, if you are a manager, respect the personal time of your subordinates. Do not expect your nightly e-mail to be read before the morning working meeting. If you are a subordinate, be calm about the quirks of your boss, even if you don’t like them. After work, do not disturb your colleagues if this is not absolutely necessary.


If an insight has descended upon you in the middle of the night, do not rush immediately to send e-mails. In the morning, your idea may not seem so great to you.


Useful tips for all occasions, do not shy away from replying to voice mail messages on the pretext of a late time. You can leave your message on the answering machine.But if you need to talk to someone, do not call after 11 pm, unless you have previously agreed.


If you send an email requesting an immediate response, tell the recipient about it by phone - suddenly he checks the email once a day.

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