5 TV shows that prove: this is a spectacle - for intellectuals

Watching TV shows is no longer embarrassing, because they are part of the cultural process: everyone quotes “Friends” and tries on episodes from “Sex and the City”. But most often the series is still included when you do not want to turn on the brain. We picked up such shows with which to spend time not only pleasant, but also useful. These are full-fledged works of art: smart, subtle, raising important questions and thought-provoking.

"One night"

The son of Pakistani immigrants Nasir puts a languid stranger into her father's taxi, spends a night full of alcohol, drugs and sex with her, and at dawn she discovers her spiky body in bed. Nasir is accused of killing a girl, but he is sure that he is innocent.

The mini-series from the HBO channel is a small masterpiece invented on the basis of the English series “Criminal Justice”. The script was written by Richard Price and Stephen Zoellian, who won an Oscar for Schindler's List.

The team that made “Once at Night” has other Oscars: cameraman Robert Elsvit won an award for the film “Oil”, production director Patricia von Brandenstein was awarded an Oscar for Amadeus - in general, the team has more than a dozen nominations. These mega-professionals made a series similar to good psychological prose, with an abundance of details revealing the characters of the characters. In “One Night,” the heroes are not divided into villains and victims, and you feel sympathy not only for the frail defenseless Nasir, but also for all the lonely people participating in the process: to a tired detective, a smoky prosecutor, an eczema-attorney (great John Turturro) and even to the ginger cat of a murdered girl.

“Word on letter A”

British series about Hughes big family, the center of which was the boy Joe, autistic. Joe perceives the world around him in his own way and loves music more than anything else, so he spends most of the day wearing headphones. Each episode begins with Joe's walk along a scenic road accompanied by excellent music, and every time my heart stops: a tiny boy, a deserted road, what will happen to him?

Numerous relatives of the five-year-old Joe also constantly ask themselves this question, worrying about the future of Joe and sometimes forgetting that you just need to love him ...

"Horace and Pete"

Tragicomedy in the style of Chekhov's plays from one of the main comedians of our time, Louis C. Kay. He made this funny, subtlest, dramatic series for his money and without outside intervention.

The New York pub "Horace and Pete" for more than a hundred years was owned by the brothers Horace and Pete, and then their descendants, among whom were also Horace and Pete. Modern Horace (Louis C. Kay) passively waved his hand at his life, and Pete (Steve Buscemi) is sitting on barbiturates. The life of these smart losers takes place in the cozy scenery of the Brooklyn bar, where the most colorful characters enter: a luxurious alcoholic performed by Jessica Lang, a nervous sister played by Idi Falco, a narcissistic fat daughter of Horace, like a homeless eternal bar visitor ... “Horace and Pete”, despite On the abundance of jokes, turned out to be a serious conversation about life and death.

"Errors of the past"

The protagonist Daniel Holden has been in prison for almost twenty years for the rape and murder of a girl.However, due to new evidence in the form of a mismatch between his DNA and DNA on the body of the victim, he was acquitted and released. How hard freedom is given to the hero - the show is about that. Holden will have to learn anew his family, get used to the gifts of progress, try to compensate the missed twenty years. Meanwhile, everyone still considers Holden a murderer. However, for the hero, who deliberately and deliberately cut down emotions in himself, like the light in the rooms of a house, it is more important not to prove something to people, but to slowly leave a trance that lasted for twenty years.

"Black mirror"

British gloomy satirical series about the awesome power of high technology and the rather perverted methods of using them. So, the Prime Minister has to have sex with a pig on the air, an animated bear wins the election, and human emotions can be viewed under a microscope. Each series is a separate film. The finals are unlikely to leave room for optimism, but definitely give rise to reflection.

By the way, if these series are not very interesting for you, there is always the opportunity to revise the time-tested “Shameless”, “Breaking Bad” and the first season of “The Real Detective”.

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