500 shades of kvass: 7 amazing facts about the drink

Kvass is a Slavic tradition, stress for a foreign body and just a very tasty drink. We collected seven of the most interesting facts about the original Russian soda.

Kvass is an amazing Russian invention with a thousand-year history. Sour drink appeared in the time of Prince Vladimir. The first entry is dated 988 year. One hundred years later, this bread drink was prepared in all the villages of the principality.

The recipe, however, is constantly changing. At first, the basis of kvass was only cereals, then honey, fruits and spices were added to it. The army of kvass fans grew, they drank it in peasant huts and in royal mansions. And the kvasnik profession was one of the most revered in Russia. Because kvass is ...

... baby treat

In Russia, boiling kvass was a real holiday, especially for children. And not at all due to the fact that the children got the right to try a fresh drink first, no. Just the stewed grain, from which the kvass was prepared, was very sweet and replaced the kids with candy. Oh, with our modern children is not a ride!

useful properties of kvass
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... rescue from hunger

Kvass, prepared according to the traditional recipe, based on sprouted grains, not only quenches thirst, but also brings benefits. After all, it contains all the vitamins and mineral trace elements of malt. They say it was thanks to this drink that ordinary people survived in Russia in the hungry winters.

... cooler than lemonade

Now there are a dozen varieties of soda: duchess, tarragon, pink lemonade. But kvass is cooler. Count varieties on the fingers will not work. By the XV century there were more than 500 varieties of this drink. Among them are pear and horseradish, kvass-soup and mint with raisins, sweet and with pepper, as well as many other fun combinations.

... Beauty tool

The basis for kvass has long been successfully used in home cosmetology, making it facial masks, hair conditioners and bath foam. Traditional medicine offers to use it even for the treatment of acne, aided by the antiseptic properties of the drink.

Prepare her like that. Regular bread crumbs pour boiled water at room temperature. The bank should be closed with gauze and put in a dark place. Infused base two days.Then you need to filter the starter, add to it the yeast diluted in water and a glass of sugar. After that, leave the brew for a day wander. Voila, the basis for cosmetics is ready.

kvass in barrels
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... The pledge of family happiness

Many ritual moments are connected with kvass in Russia. It is known that earlier young people were met not with bread and salt, but with kvass and bread. Kvass symbolized well-being in the house and wealth, and to treat the guest with kvass meant to wish him fertility.

The bride before the wedding always went to the bath with a “leaven spirit”, and watered the stove generously with a drink.

He also extinguished the fire, if the fire occurred from lightning.

... The remedy for beriberi

Now we speak only homemade kvass, prepared in accordance with the traditions. It can rightly be called a health drink, since it contains a whole pantry of useful substances: micro- and macronutrients, vitamins of groups B, C, E, H, PP, organic acids, mono- and disaccharides, starch, etc.

And this means that it raises the overall tone of the body and is indispensable for seasonal avitaminosis.

Kvass is also useful for pregnant women precisely because of this composition of ingredients.However, the calorie content of kvass can serve his fans a bad service.

useful properties of kvass
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... getting rid of depression

Bread drink not only quenches thirst best of all, but is also considered to be the first-class cure for the blues. Kvass improves brain activity, which balances the nervous system. So drink kvass, and no scrape will bring you out of yourself.

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