6 secrets of light wash

Dry cleaning "Diana" will help solve the 6 most frequent problems that we face when washing and cleaning clothes and household items.

The network of dry cleaners-laundries “Diana” has been operating in the consumer services market since 1993 and is currently among the top three largest network operators in Europe. Already opened more than 500 collection points of the company in Moscow, Moscow region and regions. In 2009, "Diana" is named"Brand of the Year"in the nomination “Services and Services”.

Cleaning clothes
Cleaning clothes

1. Washing delicate fabrics

Problem:loss of color and strength is the most common problem, which does not spare bed linen, favorite silk dress, or knitwear. After several washes (or even after the first one), the colored things become dull, the knitwear is stretched, the wool is set, and the white linen is dyed. At home, it is not easy to choose the right washing mode for each fabric and it is even more unrealistic to wash each thing separately.

Decision:such a problem will not arise if you use the services of the network of dry cleaners-laundry "Diana".Laundryand clothes here are made on the latest equipment of well-known foreign companies using modern technologies and environmentally friendly professional products that operate much more efficiently than household chemicals, avoid shrinkage and do not destroy fabric.

Each order is treated individually here, choosing washing programs and detergents according to the type of fabric.

When it comes to cleaning complex things, where several materials are combined at once: for example, silk, velvet, guipure, lace, rhinestones, beads, it will come to the rescue"Your personal technologist". This is a premium service offered by Diana to its customers.

The personal technologist is the “personal doctor” of your favorite thing. Having received a business card with the phone number of “your” specialist, you can call him at any time and get the necessary advice. The personal technologist will personally track the entire path of the item in the dry-cleaner; if necessary, the item will be processed manually.

2. Ironing

Problem:it is worth a little dry clothes, as it becomes very difficult to iron.Flax, cotton, viscose ... Strong creases on the fabric do not take even a powerful iron with steam function. What can we say about shirts, which are already not the most pleasant thing to steam off ...

Decision:and here “Diana” will come to the rescue with the service of professional ironing of shirts and bed linen. A special press gives the collars and cuffs an ideal shape, the vapor-air dummy smoothes the fabric, and the skilled technicians complete the ironing process. In addition, you do not have to suffer with a mountain of duvet covers - now they will be ironed for you.

Express laundry and cleaning in “Diana” will take a maximum of four hours. Thus, having handed over your belongings in the morning on the way to work, in the evening, returning home, you can already pick them up washed and perfectly ironed.

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