6 steps to a beautiful tan

Take vitamin complexes. Some manufacturers produce special dietary supplements for a perfect tan. It is better to start taking them a month before the start of the summer season. They will help not only quickly tan, but also protect the skin from dryness, pigmentation and photoaging.
Make a body peeling a week before taking solar procedures. It can be made independently using coffee scrub or enroll in the salon. This procedure will rid the skin of dead skin cells and provide an even beautiful tan.
Lean on carrot or juice from this root. Try to drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice every day in the summer. This vegetable is replete with carotene, which helps produce melanin. Thanks to the usual carrot you will get a beautiful shade of tan in a few days! Just do not forget to add a little cream to the juice so that all the vitamins are well absorbed.
Exercise moderation. No matter how much you wish to become a mulatto sooner, do not spend the whole day in the sun - this is fraught with negative consequences. The best time to stay on the beach is from 9 to 11 am, as well as after 16 hours.Day rays are extremely dangerous to health - under their action you risk not to get a tan, but to get burnt!
Use special sunscreen products that match your photo type. The lighter your skin is, the higher the level of protection should be for the agent used. In the first days of tanning, you should use creams and sprays with SPF 50+, then you can go to the funds with the protection of 15-25. Such cosmetics not only protects the skin from sunburn, it also provides sufficient moisture and fights free radicals that are responsible for premature aging.
Moisturize the skin. After exposure to sunlight, the skin is considerably dehydrated and needs active moisturizing. To do this, you can use any moisturizing body creams. Only then your tan will be really beautiful!

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