7 brands of underwear that can be bought on Instagram

Today, underwear is bought not in online stores, but ordered on Instagram, where instead of factories there are home studios, instead of average sizes, individual measurements, and as a bonus you can choose material, print and decorative elements (this is just a salvation for girls with non-standard figure, which is very difficult to find your size). But the most pleasant thing is that the prices for such sets are comparable to the prices for ordinary linen. Interested? Then we return the passwords and passwords: 7 insta-pages where you can buy handmade underwear.

@ corporelle.lingerie

Mark Corporelle is a native of St. Petersburg. She founded the brand of seductive lingerie of the premium class, a graduate of the University of Technology and Design Ksenia Rechenskaya. From here - spicy cuts, translucent fabrics, bandage belts, decorative velvet trim. Despite the emphatic eroticism, the kits do not look tricky, but rather balance on the verge of what is allowed. And we like it!

Photo posted by corporelle (@ corporelle.lingerie)Dec 4 2015 at 11:30 PST


Fans of black are simply obliged to subscribe to the Touch Touch Lingerie brand. Anastasia Smirnova, designer of the brand, considers black to be the most seductive shade, and bet on tactility. From here - comfortable materials and accessories that do not cause discomfort.

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