7 British mini-series, which do not mind spending the evening

Not always with the show I want to start a long relationship. Sometimes it is necessary that the connection be short, bright, but memorable. We remembered seven cool and very atmospheric British mini-series, each of which will be able to decorate a long evening, rolling into the night.


The eight-part historical drama project by Tom Hardy and Stephen Knight will be aired on BBC and FX in January 2017.

Swindler, adventure and misfortune seeker James Delaney (Tom Hardy) returns from Africa, where he spent ten years and got a bunch of stolen diamonds, to England in the 1800s. He wants to avenge the death of his father and build his own ship empire.

Tom Hardy did the show for himself, so he treated him with great attention. It will be fierce, dark and fascinating. In addition to Hardy in the project, Una Chaplin, Michael Kelly from “The House of Cards”, Jonathan Price, who played His Sparrow in “Game of Thrones” are busy.

Rillington Place

The upcoming series with Tim Roth in the role of the terrible serial killer John Christie.Cunning, crafty, cruel, not having moral principles, who knows how to pretend well ... In the 1940s he poisoned women with gas, brutally raped and strangled them. For his crime, an innocent man was hanged, whom Christie substituted for the police in his place.

Tim Roth in this role will appear unlike himself: make-up artists worked on him, having built an impressive bald spot. And the fact that Tim Roth, even with a bald head, even without her, will play magnificently a disgusting maniac, you can be sure!

The Wolf Room

The series “Wolf Hall” directed by Peter Kozminski - winner of the Golden Globe as the best mini-series in 2015. This is a six-part historical drama, staged on the two books of the British by Hillary Mantel “Wolf Hall” and “Bring in the Body”.

The action takes place in England XVI century, and in the center of events occurring at the royal court, one of the most striking and mysterious figures of British history - the royal adviser Thomas Cromwell. He is played by the Oscar-winning Mark Rylens ("Spy Bridge"), one of the best theater actors in Britain. Rayleans status is so high that he was even allowed to choose a director. He chose - already familiar to him on the work on the "Government Inspector" Peter Kozminsky.

Interestingly, many scenes were shot with candles, the actors had to move around the set almost to the touch, under the threat of ignition.

"Mr. Sloane"

The comedy project about the dear Mr. Sloan from the nominee for the Oscar nomination Robert B. Wyade is only one season, so it's worth watching it slowly, stretching out the pleasure.

Naive good-natured, plump freak and chronic loser Mr. Sloan plays charming Nick Frost. The one who made an excellent pair Simon Peggu in the best ironic films about the zombie apocalypse ("Zombies by the name of Sean" and "The type of tough cops"). The time of action is the sunset of the 60s, the place is the London suburb.

Sloan's wife left on the day he lost his job. After an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, Sloan meets a wonderful American woman, gets a job as a school teacher ... His life is slowly improving, but every day the sensitive and amusing Mr. Sloan has to face small and big difficulties: from the shit stuck in the toilet to betrayal of friends.


A bit tedious series, which is worth watching not only for the sake of a half-detective story, but for the piercing game of the amazing Jim Broadbent.If you don’t know who it is, remember the touching dad Bridget Jones and Horace Slughorn from the Harry Potter films.

After a nervous breakdown, the journalist Tom comes to his home, from which he escaped at the age of eighteen. There he is awaited by a single sister and father with Alzheimer's disease (he is played by Jim Broadbent). Gradually, Tom reveals the secret of his birth and finally finds a common language with his family.


In front of police officer John Rivera (Stellan Skarsgård), his partner was killed. John wants to understand this case, torturing himself and trying to solve other crimes whose victims are ghosts to him ...

"River" - not just a detective, and certainly not a mystical detective. This is a deeply personal, dramatic, piercing love story of a cosmically lonely person, told by the beautiful Scandinavian Stellan Skarsgård.

"Past the goal"

The 2012 series from the master of the dark, atmospheric, with the hidden irony of the series - screenwriter and producer Paul Abbott.

Chloe Sevigny, who chooses provocative roles with great taste, plays a transsexual, an assassin, a handsome boy’s father and a deeply unhappy woman.Such a main character will not dream in the deepest and most strange dream. The series has a rating of 18+ for a reason: in the very first seconds we see the genitals (male) of the heroine Sevigny, Mia. Mia does not dedicate special experiences to the work of an assassin: in addition to saving money for the final sex change operation, she has other concerns. The girl with whom Miya met when she was a man was sick with cancer, and care for her children, including Mia’s son, falls on the shoulders of a transgender killer. What is it, eh?

The plot is wild, but the story is so blinded that it does not break away from the heroine of the fictional noir, who turned out to be in a deaf village as a mother of three single children.

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