8 funny sweatshirts for lazy January

In just a few years, the swtshot has managed to turn from a niche thing, whose name was familiar only to fans of skateboard brands, in a separate line in the sections of women's and men's clothing in online stores, as well as in a thing that designers do not stop experimenting with each season. That's how you look at these crazy designer versions of swiss shots, and I can not even believe that until recently it was unremarkable sportswear. Today Alexander McQueen has sweaters embroidered with sequins of butterflies and cat eyes, Marc Jacobs has a nostalgic MTV logo from the 90's, Gucci has a skull with G letters instead of eyes, and Maison Margiela has a mixture of sweetshirt and tunics in one thing.

Democratic brands, however, do not lag behind design and produce their versions of crazy swiss shots - with inscriptions, cartoon heroes, bows, pompoms, stripes and other conceivable and inconceivable ways of decorating. We found 8 models with one common denominator - you can’t call any of them boring.

Svitshot with a bow

This hybrid of a sweatshirt and a festive blouse, and even in a fashionable neoprene some time ago, we just could not miss by and note that such grotesque things still look stylish in the basic colors.

Svitshot with a bow Zonewetwo

Zonewetwo Bow Sweatshirt ($ 30)

Printed Sweatshirt

TV shows and cartoons have become our best nightly therapy from the winter blues, and their characters got to our closet. This sweatshirt depicts a character from the cartoon "University of Monsters" in its natural light green "color", which is not exactly associated with boredom or blues.

 Victoria Swing Printed Sweatshirt

Sweetshot with Victoria Swing print ($ 28)

Svitshot with a fox

This adorable sweatshirt with fox reminded us how Korean online stores came into fashion in the 2000s, which were full of such infantile things - there were no sweatshirts then, but there were already sweatshirts with muzzles and ears.

H & M Fox Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt with fox H & M (1 699 rub.)

Sweatshirt with pompoms

We added this sweatshirt to the selection rather because of the non-triviality of the idea itself, than because of the manner of its execution. In fact, such a sweatshirt can be made independently at home and get a much steeper result - for example, take color pom-poms and lay out three-dimensional shapes from them.

Tezenis Pom-Poms Sweatshirt

Schemchot with pompons Tezenis (1 499 rub.)

Sporty Sweatshirt

Sports brands join mass market brands with the initiative to turn sportswear into unrecognizable things with creative design and work with complex prints, and not just with the design of their own logo.

Adidas by Stella Mccartney Sport Sweatshirt

Svishshot in the sports style adidas by Stella Mccartney (2 390 rubles at 45% discount)

Sweatshirt with deer

Perhaps, a detailed description is not required for this sweatshirt, but it can only be concluded briefly and with certainty that it fits perfectly for this selection as: a) New Year's and b) more than comical.

Rosegal Sweatshirt

Rosegal Deer Sweatshirt ($ 9.17)

Striped Sweatshirt

Bershka had so many amusing swiss shows that we could hardly stop at one - with patches in the form of a set for survival. It includes pills for unhappy love, a hair straightener and the keys to my mother's car - on New Year's holidays we will definitely need some of this.

Bershka Striped Sweatshirt

Bershka Striped Sweatshirt (1 999 rub.)

Sweetshot from velvet

With velvet this season, in principle, there were a lot of interesting things, but this thing, perhaps, is one of the most original among the velvet "innovations". In addition to being sportswear,made of a completely unsportsmanlike material - piggy-pink velvet, so also the details of cut on the sleeves resemble dresses of the XIX century.

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