8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Leave the fashion idlers, and they can handle the minimum effort. Women, in response to such a nihilistic position, are less and less likely to rush a man to “change clothes” and change - this is too laborious, not always effective, and even expensive. Well, if you still want to help your loved one? Try to start small (and inexpensive), and suddenly a miracle will happen and you will raise your own David Beckham.

Give him a cheap but stylish watch.

Start from the task of finding a model of a watch that will look like a million, and do not forget to hide the cash voucher away. Suddenly, he really believes that you laid out a whole salary in order to make it pleasant.

8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Convince him that polyester is harmful to the skin.

Men are monstrously practical creatures and in the functional properties of clothes they believe more than in decorative ones. Convince him of the harm of artificial fabrics, and, you see, he will stop buying cheap jackets with glitter and T-shirts of fans from synthetics.

8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Make him a table of sizes

Such information has long been on the Internet, where the entire Russian line of sizes translated into American, English, French and any other. If you notice that a man all the time buys his jeans a size smaller, and shirts a size bigger, then in this way you can help him understand incomprehensible numbers and letters on the label.

8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Hide the most monstrous thing from your eyes

It is not necessary to always play by the rules. If you have access to his closet, then you can arrange the mysterious disappearance of those things that your loved one does not go awfully. Just do not overdo it and do not throw away half the cabinet.

8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Share your dressmaker with him

Noticed for him the habit of wearing an accordion ankle, which is often found in our men, instead of bringing the thing to mind and fitting in height? Make him pay attention to this and do not forget to add what “weighting” on the pants visually makes the growth lower.

8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Teach him to roll up the sleeves and the bottom of the pants.

... And make it a little Italian. Explain to him that shirts with long, rolled up sleeves look much more representative than shirts with short sleeves, and if you tuck the jeans up to the ankle, then moccasins or loafers will instantly turn him into a dandy with Pitti Uomo.

8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Hint him that a backpack is better than any bag.

In terms of bags, our men are generally big laymen. Owners of private cars often do without any bag, but the rest are killed with their creative approach: the canvas bag from the flea market, the cloth bag with a vague logo, the leather bag of his grandfather ... Still, it's better with a backpack or in general without a bag.

8 simple ways to help a man dress better

Join a spa together

Yes, this item has nothing to do with clothes, but it is fraught with a cunning trick: you lure your beloved to the procedures with the promise of massage and sauna, and the man’s journey to the world of beauty begins with ... a pedicure. For the coming summer, well-groomed nails are an indispensable “accessory”.

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