8 things you need to quickly leave

General cleaning is a mandatory part of the holiday routine. It is important not only to wash and place everything in places, but also to send things that have served their time in the trash can. Many of them, although they seem convenient and useful, after some time carry a health hazard.

1. Aerosol air fresheners

On the one hand, we can no longer imagine separate places in an apartment without this convenient device. On the other hand, it is far from being as safe as manufacturers claim. In closed rooms, we are forced to inhale synthetic substances in a concentrated form, which adversely affects respiratory organs.

Instead of masking odors, take care to eliminate their source. Do not allow the appearance of mold, dampness or other harmful processes. The toilet must be properly operated by ventilation, ideally forced. If you do not have a freshener, you can not, make it from natural ingredients.Pour the boiled water into the atomizer and add a teaspoon of any essential oil. Such a freshener will give the apartment a pleasant aroma and do no harm to health.

2. Old washcloths and toothbrushes

Although such items are not disposable, they should be replaced periodically. It is better to do this once a quarter, and January is a convenient month to start counting. Bristle brushes, which you use for more than three months, almost does not remove plaque. You just hurt your gums. It is better to buy a new brush even after any respiratory disease - it is very difficult to get rid of harmful microbes and viruses!

Update and washcloth, it accumulated a lot of bacteria. If it’s a pity to part with your favorite hygiene product, just stop using it for its intended purpose, and use it instead of a bathroom cleaning brush.

3. Old combs and hair brushes

Another thing that is absolutely in vain is considered to have no "shelf life". On combs and brushes accumulate bacteria, which lead to rapid contamination of hair and the formation of dandruff. Change the accessory once a year, and your hairstyle will be fresh.Just do not forget to constantly wash the comb, using regular shampoo for hair or liquid soap.

4. Dirty scouring sponges

This thing needs to be changed at least once every two weeks. In order not to forget to do this, choose in the store sets with sponges of different colors. In this case, you get used to the fact that the new color of the sponge means that it can still be used.

Old can wipe the surface, the stove, but not the dishes. In order not to confuse, cut off a corner from the sponge used for 2 weeks. If you are not sure that you will be able to change the dishwashing device in time, give up the sponge in favor of microfiber cloths or rags made from natural fabrics. They can be boiled or machine washed at high temperatures.

5. Boards made of plastic

Unlike wooden boards, which contain special resins that prevent the growth of microbes, plastic is very difficult to keep clean for a long time. Either take your role for each board (for fish, meat and vegetables) and change as often as possible, or use glass and silicone devices. And the classics from the good old wood should not be ignored.Such boards can not only be washed, but also boiled.

6. Spices stored for more than two years

Even in sealed packaging, spices, like expensive perfumes, lose useful properties over time. First of all, their flavor tarnishes significantly, and you have to increase the dose. Secondly, most spices change the biochemical properties of the dish, adding nutrients. If the spices are expired, this effect may not be at all what you expected. Buy spices in a small dosage and constantly monitor the relevance of shelf life.

7. Old and uncomfortable shoes

To begin, make an inventory among the shoes on the way out. If you haven't worn any pair for more than two years, you should definitely throw it away. Most likely you were uncomfortable in it, your legs were tired, or you found a model that turned out to be much better. Do not occupy a place in the apartment with unnecessary things, it is better to give them to those who need it.

Favorite and very comfortable slippers, too, is periodically changed. Otherwise, you risk becoming infected with a fungus that multiplies well in synthetic tissue. In addition, over time, the arch support is worn out, and the foot begins to occupy the wrong position.Buy your feet a new pair for the holidays.

8. Old food storage containers

The food container is very convenient. But do not use them for too long. On the plastic, scratches and microcracks are formed, in which the bacteria multiply. Metal cans for bulk products should not have the slightest trace of rust. If you put containers in a fridge or freezer, use only those with a snowflake icon. Only heat-resistant containers can be placed in the microwave. Both of them change at least every three months. If you want to place cereals and spices in beautiful containers that can be used for many years - give preference to glass. It does not emit toxic substances and is less scratched.

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