A tiny diamond in the ring angered the bride

Does the size of a diamond matter? The eternal question that seems to have an answer. And all thanks to one precious, but small pebble. A couple of weeks ago, a photo of an engagement ring appeared on Twitter, which was placed in one account by a disappointed bride. “Just imagine that you have finally made an offer, and here it is - your ring!” She complained. To emphasize her sadness, the girl added as many as five crying sobs of emotion.

A tiny diamond in the ring angered the bride

However, the “public complaint” of the bride did not find support, but, on the contrary, caused outrage among users. Thousands of comments with photos of rings with very small, but pretty diamonds have become a real proof that feelings are the most important thing for most people in love, not diamonds.

“My father gave this ring to my mother because he just wanted to marry her.”

“My girlfriend chose the ring herself, and it is smaller than yours. The size does not matter. "

“My fiance made me an offer by presenting this beautiful ring. And I don't care that the ring is simple, I just want to marry him! ”

Later, the author of the post stated that, having posted a photo of the ring, she just wanted to see the reaction. Well, so or not, but now we know that for most true love is more important than pebbles.

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