Add a stripper to the pliers

It is very easy to make a convenient device for stripping the insulation of wires (stripper) out of pliers. The pliers will not lose their function, but rather will acquire new ones and become more useful. The stripper will be universal, that is, we will need to clean the main wire diameters we need.

We need

  • Pliers, not quite simple, but elongated.
  • Drills for metal of different diameters along the wire section.
We add a stripper to the pliers

We refine the pliers, add a device for stripping wires

Take the pliers and mark the place for drilling from both sides with a marker.We add a stripper to the pliers
Since the wire diameters are different, it will be necessary to make several nests for stripping for each wire diameter separately. Therefore, you need to correctly mark everything. We add a stripper to the pliers Let's prepare three drills of different diameters: large medium and small. We drill the first nest. Clamp pliers tightly with your hand and make a hole between the planes.
We add a stripper to the pliers
The hole does not need to be made through, but not nearly 1 mm from the tip of the drill.
Add a stripper to the pliers
Turn the pliers over and drill a hole in the same place.
Add a stripper to the pliers
As a result, two holes will meet. Here you need to be careful, as a through hole should not work. The drill only has to start making a hole that will connect with the other. As a result, you should get a sharp edge, which will just be stuck into the insulation of the wire.

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