Add boho style to your wardrobe: the secrets of designing and reworking clothes

Boho style confidently keeps leadership at the top of fashion for several seasons in a row. Not surprising, because he has a lot of advantages. Boho things are perfectly combined with figures of different types and are suitable for women of any age. Here are some useful tips to help yourself sew a fashionable thing, or redo old clothes.

Two-piece tunic

The standard shelf is increased due to a flare from the armhole line. A small flare make on the back.

Dress asymmetrical silhouette

The original style is obtained due to an interesting cut-off part.

Dress with patch pockets

In this model, the pockets are not functional, their main task is to add volume to the product.

Wide dress with pockets

The flush from the armhole is combined with the inner pockets.The shelf can be stitched together or make a seam in the middle.

You can add boho-style things to your wardrobe with the help of simple rework of old clothes.

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