Advertising placement: how to ensure its effectiveness?

Determine who your target audience (CA) is, who your advertising is for. Its impact will be much more effective if it is directed not at the general public, but at certain categories of people who may be interested in buying your product. Find out what the representatives of Central Asia do when they watch TV or listen to the radio, often use the Internet, etc.
Specify how much money you can spend on the upcoming advertising campaign. Consider that advertising on television and radio will be more expensive than on the Internet or in the press. Depending on your budget, you can combine different channels of communication when placing advertisements in order to achieve better results.
Choose the means of communication with which you will place youradvertising. This could be television, radio, Internet, and print media, as well as other media, such as billboards.Your choice should be based on the preferences of the target audience.
Mark the time intervals of your advertising campaign. For example, when planning the placement of outdoor advertising, you should take into account that the place is rented for at least a month. When placing on television, pay attention to the time of the broadcast, the duration, frequency and intensity of the shows. The same applies to radio promotions.
If you are planning a large-scale advertising campaign, break it into several parts. Each of them will maintain the interest of the consumer during the entire period. You can choose different tactics of placement. For example, you can familiarize a potential customer with a product with the help of lengthy television commercials, then leverage their influence through print media and the Internet. In the end, you can fix the effect obtained by resorting to the help of outdoor advertising. When combining communication channels, remember that the success of the entire campaign depends on your decision.

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