Alina rag doll

Fabric dolls have their own special originality and warmth. My grandchildren prefer to play only rag dolls. The names of my dolls get from granddaughters. So this doll, while still naked, has already received its name - Alina. I will describe to you the entire process of its manufacture. Cut out a drawing from paper. Patterns of the head and torso can be swapped, as I did.
Cut a drawing from paper
On the fabric, circle the pattern and, without cutting, stitch all the details, except the sole for the legs.
On the fabric, circle the pattern
Now you need to turn all the details of our pupa.
turn out all the details
Sweep your legs to the back of the trunk.
 Sweep your legs to the back of the trunk
Stitch them.
Attach legs
Prepare the soles for the feet. To do this, cut out the details of cardboard and fabrics that you already circled.Leave a seam allowance of 1–1.3 cm. This is for your convenience when you string the edges of the parts for further sticking to the cardboard.
soles for the feet
Glue the soles of the sole, tighten the thread and press. Put a weight on them, let them dry out.
sticking to cardboard
Tightly seal the body with a padding polyester, sew the front part to the back. By the way, when you cut, do not forget about the location of the threads: lobar and transverse. Cutting in the direction of the cross thread, you will get broader details, as it happened to me. Therefore Alina so plump.
Fill tight torso
Fill your head with a filler and sew it over the top.
nabeyte head
Now put your head aside and start stuffing your legs.
start stuffing the legs

Then baste legs over the edge. Take the prepared sole.
 Take the prepared sole
And sew it from toe to heel. Until the end, it is not necessary to sew immediately, but we add a little more filler to the feet.
heel to heel
That's what we did.
turned out
Getting down to making hands. We make them on a wire frame so that you can bend not only in the elbow, but also give a different position to the fingers. We twist the wire and wind a little padding polyester on it, fastening it with threads.
form the frame of the hand
Of the five such sticks form the frame of the hand.
form the armature
Then we further wind the sintepon on the palm and between the fingers.
form the armature
All this design is inserted into our sewn handle. Add filler as needed.
form the frame of the hand
Ready-made hands sew to the calf. They dangle in different directions, children like these pens - hugs.
hands are sewn to the calf
Now comes the crucial moment - the design of the face. There are a lot of options here, you can embroider, draw, and paste the purchased eyes. I love the little eyes-buttons. Button eyes give the doll a special openness and warmth.

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