All the secrets of the rice diet

Each of us followed a diet. But some of them are too difficult, others are ineffective. How to find what you need? You can do it by trial and error, but you can learn more about the rice diet and try it.

Why exactly rice?

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In Asian countries, almost all rice is used for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. This cereal is so popular there that most dishes contain this ingredient. And what is so useful and interesting is in rice? Let's see and list its properties:

  • Rice is an excellent sorbent that literally attracts everything that is unnecessary and absorbs like a sponge. Thanks to this amazing property, this product allows you to get rid of toxins and toxins, which in most cases slow down metabolism and are the main enemy of a slim figure.
  • This cereal is useful because it contains a lot of vitamins, micro and macro elements and minerals: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, iron, as well as essential B vitamins and amino acids that are necessary for normalizing weight.
  • Rice, falling into the stomach, swells there and thus fills the entire volume. This means that you will not experience hunger.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each diet has its pros and cons. Let's start with the good:

  • Rice is a clear benefit. As already noted, it contains everything that the body needs so much, so there will not be a shortage of certain substances, which is extremely important when following a diet.
  • Although rice is used in small portions, you will not experience hunger. But not every diet can provide such an opportunity.
  • Rice diet is quite effective. In the first two days, about 1-2 kilograms can go away. In general, the weight will not go away at a rapid pace, but you can save the results achieved.
  • With a diet, the metabolism is accelerated, so the body literally adjusts itself to weight loss, so weight loss will be correct, harmless to health and permanent (assuming proper nutrition after the diet).

Now it is worth listing the shortcomings:

  • Harm rice is almost impossible, but do not sit on such a diet for a long time if you have digestive problems, for example, suffer from constipation.In this situation, compliance is permissible, but only for 2-3 days, not longer.
  • Some diets allow you to achieve faster results, the rice is aimed at lasting weight loss.

We choose rice

Pay attention to the contraindications

To start the process of losing weight, it is important to choose the "right" pic. Here's what you should pay attention to:

  1. It is best to buy unrefined rice, as the husks contain the lion's share of the nutrients needed for weight loss. So if you want to achieve lasting results, forget about the cleared rice.
  2. Get black or brown rice varieties, as they are considered dietary and more valuable.
  3. Purchase long grain rice, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, macro-and micronutrients. In round grain rice, all this is also available, but in smaller quantities.

Cooking rice

Cooking rice also plays an important role. Here are some basic rules:

  • Rice contains starch, which in terms of weight loss is not very useful (it contains a fairly large number of calories). But its amount can be significantly reduced. To do this, first, rinse the grits well. Secondly, it is best to soak the rice in cold water overnight.A sutra before cooking, rinse it in hot water.
  • Do not boil the cereal to the state of porridge, because it will literally boil out all the most useful. It is worth not adding a little rice so that it is a bit hard (but not crunched).
  • Do not add salt, otherwise you will negate the whole effect. Salt attracts fluid and retains it in the body, but we do not need it at all.

The basic principles of diet

Here are some important principles of adherence to diet:

  1. Do not break the rules. If it is forbidden to drink juices, then do not drink them, otherwise you will not achieve any result.
  2. Do not shake the rice with butter or vegetable oil or sauces, in this case the calorie content of the dish can simply go off scale.
  3. An important principle - compliance with the drinking regime. First, in a day you need to use at least two liters of fluid. Secondly, you can drink either an hour after a meal, or half an hour before it. If you break this important rule, the cleaning process will be inhibited, and losing weight will not be effective. Thirdly, liquid means water, mineral water without gas or green tea without sugar. Everything else is better to forget.


Cook the porridge

Rice diet for weight loss has different types.We offer you several options.

Option One

It is, rather, not a diet, but some kind of emergency discharge. Take a glass of rice, rinse it well, prepare it, and then boil it to a semi-rigid state. The resulting volume (and will be about a kilogram) divided by 5-6 servings and consume throughout the day.

You can drink water or green tea. This cleaning should be done once or twice a week. You can also eat this way for three days, but then the discharge will be carried out once a month.

Option Two

Here the menu is very diverse, so you will not have to eat one rice. We will write everything by the day.

  • The first day:

For breakfast, eat 50 grams of rice porridge, seasoned with lemon juice, and one apple. For lunch, eat a salad of boiled rice (100-150 grams) with vegetables and a teaspoon of olive oil. For dinner, eat a portion of boiled rice (150 grams) and boiled carrots.

  • Second day:

Breakfast: rice porridge with a tablespoon of sour cream, 1 orange or grapefruit. Lunch: a portion of rice and 50-70 grams of boiled or baked zucchini. Dinner: boiled rice and carrot.

  • Day three:

For breakfast, eat rice porridge with pear. For lunch, eat a salad of rice, boiled or baked mushrooms and cucumber (only 150 grams). Dinner will consist of boiled or stewed in water without cabbage and rice.

  • Day four:

Breakfast: rice porridge in the amount of 50 grams, a glass of milk, an apple. Lunch: salad of rice, radish and carrots. Dinner: a portion of rice (100 grams), 1 boiled carrot and a handful of walnuts.

  • Day Five:

For breakfast, eat rice porridge with raisins, drink a glass of kefir. For lunch, eat rice with zucchini and greens. For dinner, eat boiled rice with lettuce and walnuts.

  • Day Six:

Breakfast: cereal with nuts, pear. Lunch: rice with zucchini and leaf lettuce. Dinner: rice with a spoon of sour cream, pear.

  • Day Seven:

For breakfast, eat 50 grams of cereal and an apple. Lunch: rice with tomatoes and lettuce. Dinner: rice (100 grams) with zucchini.

This diet is designed for a week or two.

Option Three

This is a three-day option. 250 grams of boiled rice divided into three parts: 2 to 100 grams and one 50 grams. For breakfast, mix rice with a teaspoon of honey and a glass of yogurt. For lunch, eat 100 grams of rice and a piece of lean meat (or fish). For dinner, eat 50 grams of rice and vegetables.


Nutritionists consider such a diet effective if you need to cleanse the body and throw off a couple of extra pounds.

Reviews are different, but more positive:

  • “I sat on a diet for three days, I lost two kilograms, I didn’t return the weight. I feel great! "
  • “I lost weight, but the kilograms immediately returned when I began to eat normally.”

I wish you success in losing weight!

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