Anna Peskova and Good Boy arrived at the Kinotavr together

Today, June 7, actress Anna Peskova, originally from Chelyabinsk, presents the film “The Good Boy” at Kinotavr. This is the first tape, where Anna played the role of co-producer. Woman’s Day is looking forward to seeing the film at the festival.

“Good Boy” is a comedy about the six days of the life of Kolya’s schoolboy. In such a short time, he manages to simultaneously fall in love with the teacher and daughter of the school principal, participate in the investigation of the arson class and prepare for the celebration of School Day.

The role of Kolya’s father was played by Konstantin Khabensky, the school’s director — Mikhail Yefremov, the head teacher — Tatyana Dogileva, and the computer science teacher, Alexander Pal. Together with the filmmakers team and actors, Anna Peskova arrived in Sochi on June 6. On the eve she posted on her Instagram video:

Video posted by Anna Peskova (@ anna.peskova)Jun 4 2016 at 8:15 pdt

Anna Peskova, actress, co-producer of the film "Good Boy":

“I was invited as a co-producer by my good friend and one of the producers of the film Vasily Soloviev, and I could not accept his proposals.I have been working in television for about 10 years and I know the film industry from the inside, but one thing is to know the whole process, and the other is to lead it. The producer must be tough enough, often had to give up on something, say “no” to someone, stand up before a difficult choice. In any case, this work requires a lot of concentration.

I hope that the film will please the audience - it is light and youthful, funny. We have a great team, I am very grateful to everyone, including Mikhail Efremov and Konstantin Khabensky, who were able to move their work schedules to take part in the filming of our film.

At the "Kinotavr" we arrived a team, almost at full strength. We have not yet seen films that will compete with us, therefore, what kind of reward the “Good Boy” can claim, we will have an idea closer to June 13. On the big screen the film can be seen in September.

For the trip, I chose a few dresses. I will attend the premiere of a dress by designer Galina Vasilyeva - it is light, elegant, delicate tones. And on the red carpet I will be in a different image: an elegant dress to the floor will be decorated in black and white. ”

The film “The Good Boy” will be screened at the Winter Theater in Sochi on July 7 at 21:00.

Previously, Anna Peskova worked as a TV presenter on the STS-Chelyabinsk channel.

Natalia Khovanskih, correspondent for STS-Chelyabinsk:
Natalya Karaseva

“TV channel“ STS-Chelyabinsk ”sends a huge hello to Anya! It's great that now she has acted in a new role, we wish her only good luck! The time when Anna worked in the team, the editorial staff recalled with warmth. And now it is pleasant to follow her career and see the excellent ex-host of our channel in the federal media.

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