Appearance and character of the Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat was bred in 1950 in America by crossing Siamese and Persian cats. She first came to our country 30 years after breeding, but so far this charming fluffy breed is rarely found in Russia.

Description of the Himalayan cat

Himalayans are rather large and very fluffy cats.

Himalayan cat
Himalayan cat has long hair that requires care
Photo: Getty

At first glance, the breed is very similar to the Persian, but if you look closely, you can see the characteristic features:

  • The body is strong, with a large chest and well-developed muscles.
  • The head is massive.
  • The muzzle is round with large cheeks and a small perky nose.
  • The ears are small, thickly covered with hair. They are set wide and low, tilted slightly forward.
  • The neck is short and dense.
  • Paws are short, strong.
  • The tail is of medium length, proportional to the body, very fluffy and slightly rounded.
  • The coat is long and thick with fine silky hair. Especially a lot of wool on the collar and chest.

The main body of the pet is painted white or cream. Bright spots can be colored in chocolate, blue, dark brown and other colors. Rarely met, but cats are most appreciated, the wool of which is completely dyed chocolate or purple.

Features of the nature of the Himalayan cat

Himalayans are characterized by a soft and restrained disposition, they are gentle and affectionate. The only negative trait of character - excessive demands. If the cat wanted to eat, or she had another desire, she will not lag behind. However, this breed is quite obedient and well gives in to training.

Cats are terrified of closed space. Keep them in small cells, for example, during transport is not worth it, so as not to injure the psyche.

Himalayans adore their masters. They are not a step away from them and they want to take part in any business. They also treat other family members well. Easily find a common language with children. Despite the fact that this breed is active and energetic, cats will be happy to sit on their knees, will allow them to scratch and iron themselves.Another distinctive feature of character is emotionality. You will always know what is in your four-sided soul.

From the photo of the Himalayan cat you can see that it is a gentle and fluffy, cloud-like creature. The appearance of this breed is fully consistent with its character. If you are looking for a cat that will be not only beautiful, but also very kind, then this breed will suit you.

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