Autumn drinks: top 10 recipes

From traditionally autumn products you can make a lot of tasty and healthy drinks. Compotes, fruit drinks, teas - Woman’s Day offers interesting recipes for autumn drinks that will help you to warm up, recharge your batteries and lift your spirits.

Fresh Pear Compote: Recipe

Pear Compote
Pear Compote
Photo: Shutterstock

Ingredients Required:Pears - 500 g Sugar - 100–150 g Peel of 1 lemon or orange Water - 1 l Cinnamon and sugar - to taste

Cooking:Pear cut, remove the core, dipped in boiling water. If the pears are very ripe, let it boil and turn it off. If the fruit is tighter, then cook for 5–15 minutes. Add lemon or orange zest (for completeness you can have both), cinnamon and sugar to taste. Let it stand.

Morse rosehip apple: recipe

Morse rosehip apple
Morse rosehip apple
Photo: Shutterstock

Ingredients Required:Rosehip (fresh berries) - 1 cup Apple juice - 1 cup Lemon juice - 3 tbsp. l Sugar - 0.5 cups Water - 3 cups

Cooking:Chop the hips, add cold water and boil for five minutes on a quiet fire.Insist 30-60 minutes. The resulting broth strain, add sugar, stir. Combine with apple and lemon juice.

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