Ayrol Cream: instructions for removing acne without leaving scars

  • General information about the cream;
  • Release form;
  • Pharmachologic effect;
  • Indications for use;
  • Contraindications;
  • Possible side effects;
  • Instructions for using the cream;
  • Special instructions;
  • Pharmacy where you can buy cream.

General information about the drug

Ayrolhttp://lekarstvo-iz-evropy.ru/Airol_crema- This is a miraculous cream, sweeping acne like a broom! Acne on the face, back and in places lower - do not paint the female body at all. Yes, and a man with pimples on his face - losing his charm.

The nature of acne is different, as are the effects of their appearance on the skin. Some - sit down on the face like a fly and fly away quickly, leaving no trace. But there are types of acne that bite into the flesh like a parasite, and after leaving with great reluctance - leave a scar for life, disfiguring the skin.

With the advent of the cream, Airol, we have a powerful weapon to protect the skin from these uninvited guests. Skin revitalizing cream - has not only local anti-acne effect, but also antitumor, anti-inflammatory, is a good remedy for shallow wrinkles.Its active ingredient is Tretinoin, its composition is similar to Retinol (vitamin A group) and is ready to sweep from our skin not only annoying acne, but also pigmentation spots, including those appearing on the skin from the beach excess sunlight. Ayrol cream fights acne on any part of the skin very well. Reduces the possibility of the emergence of new eels, displays deep, which are not yet visible. Removes swelling and inflammation resulting from acne.

Release form

The cream is based on water and oil-based, intended for outdoor use. 20 grams in a tube contain 0.05% of the active substance - Tretinoin.

pharmachologic effect

Ayrol cream is an intermediate product of such a vitamin as Retinol, which, due to its property, disrupts the expression of genes, which in turn cause some changes in the process of protein synthesis. It permeates through the cell membrane into the cell nucleus and only then binds to the DNA molecules. By activating the protective mechanisms of the skin, depending on the skin condition, it enhances or suppresses the process of protein synthesis.

It puts a barrier to the negative effect of exposure to excessive sunlight on the skin. Reduces the presence in the epidermal layer of a substance such as melanin. However, this cream should not be confused with a means to protect against sunlight - the cream was not created for this, and therefore does not have a barrier property against sunburn, because its effect has a different direction.

With Ayrol, the number of epithelial cells that are in the process of division increases, which in turn helps their faster reproduction for renewed epithelium. Application of Airola reduces the likelihood of acne vulgaris, interferes with the process of formation of keratin plugs.

When treating open acne, it smoothes the skin without symptoms of inflammation.

When treating closed acne, it deliberately creates conditions for their disclosure, significantly speeding up healing and rigidly avoiding conditions leading to the appearance of scars.

Indications for use

Ayrol cream can be applied with existing skin problems:

- vulgar papulnye acne;

- vulgar pustular acne;

- acne, which is characterized by draining;

- Favra-Rakusho disease;

- tuberosity of the skin;

- wrinkles on the skin;

Warts are flat;

- follicular keratosis;

- strongly pronounced pigmentation.


Ayrol cream can not be used for:

- individual intolerance to the active ingredient;

- on the area of ​​the skin where there are open wounds or burns;

- any disturbance in the work of the liver or kidneys;

- children and adolescents under twelve years of age;

- adults after 50 years;

- during pregnancy (even if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future);

- during lactation.

With extreme caution, apply the cream with:

- seborrheic dermatitis;

- on the area where there are rashes in the form of a skin disease - eczema;

- sunburn;

- intoxication of a chronic nature (drug or alcohol);

- a disease such as diabetes.

Possible side effects

In the treatment of cream Ayrol may appear such adverse symptoms as:

- allergy;

- stabbing feeling at the place of application of the cream;

- redness of the skin;

- burning sensation;

- The appearance of edema, in the place where the cream was applied;

- increases sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation;

- hypopigmentation - weakening of skin pigmentation;

- skin may become too dry at the site of use;

Instructions for using the cream

Cream Ayrol used only externally, topically. Apply a moderate amount of cream to the necessary places of the skin with unprotected hands (after completing the procedure, wash the hands with soap and water). The cream is applied for six hours once or twice a day. After the skin where the cream was applied should be rinsed well with water.

With light and dry skin type, the cream should be applied for half an hour with a further increase in time up to 6 hours.

The duration of treatment depends on the individual indicators (skin type, nature of acne, etc.).

Ayrol cream can be used to prevent the appearance of pigmentation and acne - once every seven to ten days, after a hygienic procedure.

special instructions

Beware of getting the cream in the eyes, or on any mucous membranes.

Do not stay in the sun throughout the treatment.

After seven to ten days, the appearance of acne can increase, which indicates the effect of the drug not only on visible acne, but also on those that are still very deep.

In no case do not use in parallel with those preparations and various means for hygiene, which cause peeling of the skin, dryness or irritation.

Ayrol cream is used in the treatment of acne vulgaris 1 and 2 degrees, and in more severe cases, antibiotics need to be included for greater effect.

Ayrol cream is not suitable for use with very deep wrinkles, yellowed skin color, if the skin has become sluggish, with the constant expansion of small vessels of the skin, as well as with elastosis.

Pharmacy where you can buy cream

Ayrol cream is developed and produced in the European Union and in our pharmacies they do not sell it yet, offering in exchange only the existing group analogs, the effectiveness of which is much lower than Ayrol.

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