Back in fashion: 90s style jewelry

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

For some reason, we are confident that the 90s are the most fashionable era. And now we will explain to you why: it’s not some specific events or certain tendencies, but the fact that today's 30-year-olds were growing up exactly in this epoch and now everyone comes back from that glorious time with an exciting heartbeat. Whether it is at least sweatshirts with childhood idols, even banal braided baubles bracelets, even platform shoes, which added not only 7 centimeters to height, but also a lot of points to self-esteem. Whatever the thing - a memory, provoking a slight degree of nostalgia. Are you ready to return to the past with us today, without moving far away from the present? For this purpose, we have put in the jewelry in the style of the 90s, which actually belong to today. But from this less valuable and inspirational do not become ...

Silver ring with cubic zirconia and moonstone

Moonstone was the star of the jewelry of the 90s.And his imitations gave birth to fashion for the so-called "sensitive rings" - schoolgirls believed that these stones can guess their mood and possess almost magical properties.

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