Backlight TV (Monitor) USB

Materials and tools:

  1. LEDs;
  2. resistors;
  3. usb cable;
  4. soldering iron;
  5. switch;
  6. glue gun;
  7. drill or dremel;
  8. wires;
  9. container for installing LEDs, in this case a metal can was used;
  10. paint.

Step 1

Take a metal can and give it a more beautiful look. Fine sandpaper slightly sand the surface of the jar, clean the surface and degrease the surface. Let's paint the jar with several layers of paint, between each layer we let the paint dry well.

Take a strip of paper and mark on it the place of the holes at a distance of 2-3 cm between each other. Holes are drilled approximately 3/4 of the circumference of the can. Fix the strip on the bank and mark the place of the holes. Drill holes.Depending on the LEDs used (3 or 5 mm), select the appropriate drill (3 or 5 mm). Also drill a hole for the USB cable.

Step 2

Now take the LEDs and resistors (the number depends on the number of holes) and solder the resistor. The resistor is soldered to the "+" LED (longer LED wire).

Next, install the LEDs in the holes in the can, securing the LEDs in the holes with glue. We sleep in groups: "-" LED wires together and wires of resistors ("+" LED wires) (see figure). Insert the USB cable into the hole and solder the wire "+" to the "+" group and "-" to "-".

Tip: the resistor is selected depending on the LEDs used. For a USB cable, the red wire is “+” and the black wire is “-”.

Step 3

When everything is ready, close the jar and connect the USB cable to the input, everything works - great, if not, carefully check the connection. You can also set the switch to not remove the USB cable.

Install the jar in the back of the TV or monitor and turn it on.The backlight from the TV (monitor) from USBis ready.

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