Basic female bad habits

Each of us girls have flaws that we know about and carefully hide from others. Harmful habits of girls are also lacking, and, unfortunately, they prevent living not only us, but also those around us.

By bad habits, I do not mean smoking, drinking alcohol, or worse, drugs. We girls are multifaceted and interesting, and therefore the hazards of girls are very diverse. Let's look at the main ones and try to remove from our lives.

1. Being late is not good! Probably there is no woman in the world who has never been late at least once in her life. One time you can survive, but if it becomes a habit and repeats constantly - it irritates others and can become a problem for you. No one will keep an employee who is constantly late at work, friends and a young man will certainly forgive you a couple of times, but next time they will think whether to make an appointment for you.

Nobody likes to wait, so if you do not want to look not serious in the eyes of people, correct the situation.Transfer all the hours in the house 15 minutes ahead, wake up earlier, plan ahead that you will put on a meeting or work, then you will not have to spend time on it at the last moment. Set reminders to not forget about important events. And if already late - do not lie and do not invent ridiculous excuses, it makes the situation even worse. Just sincerely think about your behavior and next time do not be late.

2. The word cannot be inserted! The gab is an integral part of female nature. We just can not gossip and do not talk. But it happens that we are constantly interrupted by talkers, and we simply cannot say a word. This, to put it mildly, is annoying. Think whether you can listen, or speak all the time. If your interlocutor starts to be bored after 30 minutes, and no longer tries to, say something - take a break and shut up. The whole world does not revolve around you, perhaps at this very moment your friend needs help and advice, and because of the “long” language you don’t even know about it. Watch what you say, because you can blurt out too much.

3. Nerdy annoy people. You always know how best to act in a given situation, how best to prepare a dish, write a report, or who has a better haircut.And you certainly give advice to everyone in a row, even if your opinion is not asked. You can not be convinced that you are wrong, but how else? After all, you read so much, watch scientific programs, take a great interest in psychology and law. Nevertheless, whether you like it or not, remember that, how many people have so many opinions! No one likes being taught by, even if they are educated people. If you do not want to bore close people, and want to ponder, find people on the Internet, there you can talk for days and prove your point of view.

4. Madame "I'm sorry!" If you constantly suffer remorse of conscience, even on the smallest trifles - you also have a bad habit - the habit of crying, apologizing and harassing yourself. Think how many times a day you say: “Excuse me!” Politeness is nice, but in moderation. Constantly justifying themselves before people, you seem not sure about their eyes. Keep yourself in hand, do not take everything to heart, be bolder and more confident in yourself.

5. Talking on the phone! Unfortunately, people in our country do not know telephone etiquette at all. Constant chatter on the phone is annoying, especially in public places.It is impossible that others were aware of your personal problems. After all, you are uncomfortable when you have to listen to an unfamiliar girl talking about what she did last night. Scientists believe that a telephone conversation should last no more than 15 minutes. Longer is chatter. At the same time try to have no one near you.

For example, I am terribly annoyed by my roommate in a hostel, who first talks on the phone with her friend at the institute for 2 hours, and then another 1 hour with the guy, then she has a conversation with her mother, her brother. And all this time she does not leave the room, and I have to listen to all the details of her life. Even headphones do not save, I hate the ring of her phone, and my relationship with my neighbor got messed up. But if she were less dependent on the phone, or at least spoke on the phone not with me, everything could be different.

6. Whiners tire! Of course you need to pity yourself, but in moderation. You probably do not have the worst life. Everyone has something good. Even if you have a critical and terrible situation, do not lose heart. Constantly sobbing and complaining to others, you will cause a feeling of pity in them, and they may even try to console.But the problem, whatever it was, will have to deal, you personally. If people hear one negative and complaints from you, very quickly you can be alone. Optimism is what you need!

Of course, many women still have bad habits, this is love for shopping, and the habit of looking at their reflection for hours (I suffer from this :)), and first to do, and then think about the consequences. All of us are not perfect, but we always strive for excellence!

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