Battle of the Brides: Megan Markle VS Kate Middleton

It is finished! The wedding of the youngest of the sons of Princess Diana took place ...

The attention of the whole world today is focused on the wedding of Prince Harry and the star of "Force Majeure" Megan Markle ... The loudest wedding of the year took place! The youngest of the sons of Princess Diana is officially married.

Editorial meanwhile remembered the wedding of Prince William and compared the two brides.

Age: Kate has been under 4 years

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Photo: Getty Images

Kate married the prince at the age of 29, having met William before the wedding for almost eight years ... Megan Markle is 4 years older than her predecessor. Now the actress is 36 years old, while Harry is 33 years old.

The couple met in October of 2016, and a year later, in November of 2017, the prince made a proposal to the girl ... It is symbolic that Kate is also older than William, only by five months.

As for the mothers of both princes, Princess Diana, she was married at a very young age. At the time of the wedding with Prince Charles, she was only 20 years old.

Relationship before the wedding: for Kate marriage first, Megan - second

Kate and William met at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. In the first year, they both lived in the Saint-Salvador university dorm ... Prince William and Kate were just friends, until William saw Kate on the podium during one of the university events. From that day on, he became her fan.

In the second year, young people, together with friends, rented an apartment, and the most beautiful love story in England began in her.

Curiously, before William, Kate was dating another guy, namely, Harry Blakelock. But compared to the prince, he had no chance.

Megan Markle met Harry in the company of mutual friends at the end of 2016. By this time, Megan had already officially been married once. Her choice was the director and producer Trevor Engelson.

Wedding Dresses: Givenchy VS Alexander McQueen

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Suffice it to say that both girls were irresistible. Megan has put on a modest dress from the British designer and creative director of the French Givenchy Fashion House Claire Waite Keller. All fans of the royal couple were struck by the restraint of the image, since the shoulders of the dress were only slightly opened, and on the dress itself there was not a single ornament, decoration or lace.The white outfit complemented an amazing 5-meter train, on which symbols of 53 countries of the Commonwealth were embroidered.

Outfit Middleton, no doubt, turned out to be more artsy. Catherine chose the magnificent dress of Sarah Burton, the creative director of the House of Alexander McQueen.

The dress also had an ivory color and was created from satin and lace, however, like Megan, did not contain any ornaments, except flowers and shamrocks of lace.

The head of the then bride was also decorated with an incredible train with a length of 2.7 meters.

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Photo: Getty Images

Bridal bouquets

Bridal bouquets were also different. In her hands, Markl had a delicate floral arrangement: in the center - myrtle flowers, which symbolize the British love and marriage, forget-me-nots are the favorite flowers of Princess Diana (as in the bouquet of Kate Middleton), lilies, astilbe, jasmine and astrans. Also, several flowers gathered Prince Harry in the garden of Kensington Palace.

The wedding bouquet of Kate was made by the famous designer-florist Shane Connolly. He took into account not only the language of flowers, but also the age-old traditions of the British monarchy ... It consisted of lilies of the valley, hyacinths, ivy, myrtle and Turkish carnations of the variety Sweet William. Moreover, the symbolism carried in themselves not only carnations with their talking name, which, by the way, are considered colors of courage and nobility.Main in the bouquet of Kate Middleton were lilies of the valley. According to the old British tradition, these flowers represent pure love and innocent happiness. By the way, the lily of the valley consisted of the boutonniere of the father of the bride, as well as the wreaths and bouquets of her bridesmaids.

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Photo: Getty Images

Rings: Princess Diana's Legacy

Both wives of princes got a little ring from Princess Diana. Even on the day of her engagement, Kate received a real family relic - Princess Diana's engagement ring, sapphire in a diamond frame.

The ring found such great glory in England that the journalists joked that at the wedding "there were three of them": William, Kate, and ... the famous decoration!

Markl also got something curious. White gold ring with aquamarine. Princess Diana put it on in 1996 during a visit to Sydney and later, to the charity sale of her outfits at the Christie auction in June 1997, several months before her death.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Grooms in uniforms

It seems that at the wedding both girls once again realized that they had married princes. Both grooms were at the ceremony in uniform.

William in 2011 appeared solemnly to match the occasion of the red uniform.Harry was a little more modest, choosing a black uniform. For the rest, the suitors looked almost identical.

It is curious that at the ceremony held on Saturday morning, Harry and William could be completely confused. The eldest of the brothers, performing the role of the best man, was dressed almost identically with the groom.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Wedding budgets

And although the wedding of the eldest of the brothers in 2011 was held with greater pomp, the budget of the celebrations was almost equal ... According to unofficial sources, it varies from 32 to 42 million dollars.

It is curious that in both cases most of the amount was spent on ensuring the safety of the holiday. The streets followed by the carriage with the bride and groom were viewed by thousands of snipers, and in the crowd, tens of thousands of civilian police officers followed the safety. And that's not counting the official protection of the royal family.

By the way, British experts also put forward their version of why not only Megan Markle was at the wedding in a white dress, but the duchess Kate Middleton also chose an ivory outfit, and Queen Elizabeth II appeared in a light-green suit and a hat to match.The fact is that in the case of a terrorist act, according to experts, this will help visually highlight and evacuate the main women of the ceremony.

Honeymoon trip

Honeymoon of William and Kate lasted ten days and took place in the Seychelles. Harry and Megan did not follow their example. Yes, and decided that relaxing with cocktails on the white sand beach is not their story.

That is why they chose a hot Africa as a place of romance. The very place where one of their first dates passed.

In addition, both Harry and Megan wanted to add adrenaline, and therefore also ordered an individual jeep safari.

Titles after marriage

Status Princess Megan will not receive. This title can be worn only by those born in the royal family. The queen rewarded the newlyweds with a duchy, as she did after the marriage of William and Kate, who became the duke and duchess of Cambridge.

Harry and Megan are now the duke and duchess of Sussex, in Scotland - the count and countess Dambartan, and in Ireland - the baron and baroness Kilkil.

Since the real name is Megan Markl Rachel, now officially Prince Harry’s wife must be called the Duchess Rachel, but most likely she will reserve the right to be called the Duchess Megan.

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