Be attentive to others

Attentive to othersYou are attentive to the people around you

Often, workplaces in the office are separated from each other only by a low thin partition. And although you and your colleagues do not see each other, but you can hear perfectly well what is happening in the neighboring “compartments”. Fix this fact in the mind. Loud telephone conversation, noisy companies at your workplace can irritate and distract those around you. Try to avoid conversations on personal topics - do not build illusions that a neighbor will not listen to them. Try to keep chatter to a minimum, or wait until others go away on business.


Useful tips for everyone, when talking with colleagues, carefully choose expressions. The use of slang and profanity can be perceived as an insult.


Obviously, you communicate more with colleagues than with your boss. Remember that you should be their friend, not an annoying hindrance. Never disturb colleagues while you work. Know how to keep secrets. Any information is your property and you do not have to share it with others.Keep conversations about your personal life to a minimum.


Make sure your conversations are positive. A person who bothers everyone with his problems and overwhelms others will not go far. In general, at work it is best to talk about work. Do not boast of personal achievements or information that the chief has entrusted to you alone.


If a colleague spoke about problems at work or in his personal life, be sure to take the time to ask about his affairs to demonstrate participation.


Offer help, say words of support or compassion. Even if you have important and urgent matters, take a few minutes to help another person. After all, one day and you may need help.

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