Beautician road: take everything you need!

On vacation, hair is most affected. Salt water and bright sun do not have a positive effect on them. Therefore, care products should contain sunscreen filters and fix hair well. After sunbathing, the skin becomes dry and often peels off. After-sunburn, exfoliating cream and milk with SPF with moisturizing properties will help to avoid this. Hand cream, a pencil for the care of the cuticle, a spray for disinfection - all these necessary things in mini-formats will fit not only in the road cosmetics, but also in the beach. For the face it is necessary to take a moisturizer with sunscreens from rays of types A and B - this is what the skin needs during the whole year. And during the holidays especially. The skin near the eyes becomes dry due to the habit of squinting from the sun and smiling. So do not forget to moisturize this area of ​​the face.Special masks will help to charge the skin with energy after a hot day. Do not forget to put at least one in a beauty case. For example, a collagen remedy tightens the skin, and a mud mask perfectly cleanses. For lips, you can take a balm, hygienic lipstick and exfoliating scrub. These remedies help prevent cracking and dehydration of the skin. An irreplaceable thing can be thermal water in the form of a spray.

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