Beauties choose balayaz: 35 best examples

How long will it take for balayazha?

It depends on how many shades and colors you decide to choose. If you decide to give your hair a light sheen, it only takes a few minutes. For more complex deep tones, it may take 3 hours.

Balayazh on hair of medium length

Does balayaz require special care?

With the coloring in this technique there are no problems of preserving the tones. Month after month, dyed hair looks natural and natural, and this is the best solution for busy women.

Contrasting transformation of very dark hair using balage

Cold silvery-pink and bright platinum shades for brown-haired women

Fashionable color of pink gold in the hair, braided in this cute hairstyle in the style of boho

Soft toning for brunette

Spectacular pink and gold tones on light brown hair

Is balayazh suitable for any hair?

Best of all balayazh looks on light and dark hair. Length does not matter, although this style is most popular among fashionistas with long hair. Balayazh gives them a charming beach style.

How long does the balayzha effect last?

One of the advantages of balaža is that it does not require careful care, like normal staining. It is enough to appear at the master for coloring approximately every 4 months.

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