Beautiful cocktail dresses 2013 (42 photos)

At least once in the life of every girl have to wear a cocktail dress. However, unfortunately, not all ladies know when it is appropriate to wear such an outfit and how to dress properly at a party that is held under the sign of a “cocktail”.

Now every day there are so many parties that for the convenience of their accepted to do thematic. At each event, you must come on a pre-specified dress code. Therefore, the duty of every decent guest is to correspond to it.

In the coming 2013 cocktail dresses will enjoy frenzied popularity. Girls in cocktail dresses look stylish, feminine and elegant. Therefore, you must have such an outfit.

Just do not mistakenly compare fashionable evening dresses and cocktail. They are different and in order not to look silly at a party with a dress code cocktail, remember the basic rules.

How did it come about?

It owes its appearance to beautiful women. One hundred years ago, our society began to change.The girls more and more wanted to show off the charms of their bodies, various parties and meetings became fashionable. Of course, they differed from what is happening in modern nightclubs.

Homeland of such dresses is North America. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it became fashionable at parties to drink not simple alcoholic beverages, but cocktails from them. They brought women into insane delight and raised their spirits. And it, in turn, made dance dance till you drop.

A long one was hampered by the movement and the twist (a dance popular at the time) turned into horror. As a result, the girls began to shorten the dress. It was not a mini, but the call in this dress was definitely present. Over time, women began to use bright fabrics. Stylish ladies complement their outfit with accessories.

Coco Chanel, who gave the world the opportunity to wear a "small, black dress", finally fixed the cocktail dresses on the fashion podiums and in the wardrobes of all women.

Modern fashion offers more daring options for cocktail dresses.

How to choose the right one?

It should not completely encircle the body. There is a principle: the shorter the length, the more free it should be cut.In general, in 2013 it is not customary to wear too short options. The ideal length of a cocktail dress is 3-7 cm below the knees.

If the dress has no sleeves and an open neckline, then you should choose an elongated dress with a straight cut.

Full girls need to wear outfits with an overstated waist and a free-to-bottom cut in order to hide problems with the abdomen and hips.

For owners of small breasts, it is necessary to choose clothes with drapery in the chest area. It can be a fancy bow or folds.

For girls with narrow hips, you should choose a dress with a voluminous bottom. It is achieved using the correct cut, and not the number of skirts.

Cocktail dresses for obese girls exist. Most often they have a rectangular shape and are not oversaturated with decorative elements. Greek style will always help you out. Choose outfits muted colors.

If you have an hourglass figure, you should not wear tight-fitting cocktail dresses. This is not the case when you need to emphasize their forms. On the contrary, you need to soften the transition between the chest and hips.

If the subtlety of the hands you can not boast, then be sure to wear options with neat sleeves.

In order to visually lengthen the neck wear things with a triangular neckline.

What are the?

There are a lot of them. They are all different, each cocktail dress has its own zest and unique charm. Each woman will definitely be able to pick up a few options.


Dresses of classic cut in 2013 will be at the peak of popularity. Cocktail outfit should be knee-length, monochrome, not have a collar, sleeves, belt and decorative elements. Classic colors are black, white, red, gray and brown.

In retro style

We are increasingly returning to fashionable sources. Therefore, we like to wear things in retro style. Dress - cocktail in this style look pretty frank and sexy. They are allowed to wear a youth party. Bright color, open shoulders and a lot of ruching - these are the main features of retro cocktail dresses.


Every season you have to surprise demanding customers with something. Therefore, designers go for bold experiments. They suggest next year to get away from straight lines and choose the outfits of the original forms. The dress can have a ragged bottom, one bare shoulder, several layers of skirts.

In the style of Coco Chanel

This version is necessarily black, has the shape of a case and has no sleeves. The cut is usually in the form of a boat. Such a dress can be safely worn not only at parties, but also at work. Since it is a good basic thing and goes well with jackets.


Dresses of this style madly like women. They expose the sexy shoulders, neck and highlight the chest. Such cocktail dresses are also called dresses - bustier. Strapless, most often tight hips or has a fluffy skirt. The material should be delicate: silk, lace, satin and chiffon.


Let's be honest, in the coming year they will practically not be in demand. All very often confused evening dresses and cocktail long. They differ in the fact that it should have a straight skirt (ankle length), be of a neutral color and not have a corset and bright embroidery. A long version of a cocktail dress can be worn at the prom.


Of course, black, red, white - will be relevant. However, you can vary the classic shades more vivid colors. For example, emerald, mustard, eggplant color, fuchsia.It is better not to wear multi-colored dresses. Also for the cocktail is not appropriate floral print.

Remember that evening dresses should be as much as possible in your wardrobe. So do not deny yourself and buy new ones.

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