Beautiful compliments to girls: advice to men

Beautiful compliments girls want to hear constantly. Probably men are right in saying that women love with their ears. A pleasant word can raise a young lady's mood, self-esteem, and maybe even change her attitude towards men.

Everyone is pleased to hear beautiful words in his address - that's how people are arranged. There are girls who cannot live a day without beautiful words heard in their address. They are even ready to beg for a compliment, asking the guy a question: “Why don't you see how I feel good in this dress?”. This is certainly not modest and even stupid. Usually in such situations, the man feels awkward, begins to quickly say something, but the girl gets what she wants - a compliment.

Unfortunately, recently women are less likely to hear pleasant words addressed to themselves. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the modern woman in the struggle for independence, has ceased to be tender and tremulous in the eyes of men.Simply put, men are afraid to make a compliment so that they don’t get into trouble again. You should not forget about the complexion and indecision of the stronger sex too. But it should not be so. A woman should know that she is cute and interesting, men will only benefit from this :).

Men need to learn to say pleasant words. This is an important trump card in the conquest of women's hearts. Those who already have the second half, pleasant words will help strengthen the alliance. Do not say compliments to his girlfriend just ashamed. No matter how long the relationship lasts, it is important for a woman to know that for a man she is as beautiful as the first day she met.

How to do it right?

To say a good compliment, you need to know a few rules.

Far from all girls will want to hear sweet words from a narcissist macho. A woman who respects herself will immediately understand the true intentions of such a guy. Sometimes men are sure that it is enough to say a couple of pleasant words to a girl, and she will immediately fall in love with him and agree to spend the night together. Well, that happens. But, the overwhelming majority of women will, at best, respond with a smile at a compliment from a self-confident guy.

Obsession and flattery can annoy a girl.It's nice when a compliment is said from the heart and unexpectedly. If the guy does not shut up for a minute, continuing to fall asleep the girl with flattering words, he will start scaring her. It's better to say one compliment, but on business. For example, a girl made a gorgeous hairstyle, in her heart she wants everyone to notice it, telling her: “With a new hairstyle you look even more beautiful” a man will be sympathetic to her for a long time.

Not every young lady will appreciate the compliment in poetic form. Moreover, if the verse is written not in her honor.

Speaking beautiful words, it is necessary to look a woman in the eye, even if at the same time a man is very shy, he must overcome himself. Otherwise, a woman simply does not believe in the sincerity of words.

It is impossible to say ambiguous compliments. They are able to stump a woman. Phrases like: “You look good today” (and yesterday you were a crocodile?), “You are so beautiful, even scary” (it’s better not to say anything at all), “Your legs are as smooth as matches” (it’s a shame ), "You have gorgeous hair like a wig" you can never say!

Beloved girlfriend should give compliments, not "You are my favorite hamster." There are a lot of beautiful words: elegant, divine, dear, sweet, charming, luxurious, beloved, tender, sweet, dear, beloved, best, and exquisite.There are many beautiful epithets. Pamper your soul mate more often.

You can not stutter during the pronunciation of a compliment, or, starting to speak, make pauses and choose words. This alignment is unlikely to impress the girl.

Flattering words for girls can and should be spoken at any time of the day, and it is not necessary to be associated with love relationships with them. You can say pleasant words to any woman, not just to the sultry beauties. Believe me, all the fair sex will be delighted with good words.

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