It is easy to sew a bedspread for the bed itself, and as a result it will be very beautiful and more profitable than buying in a store. There is one more plus in sewing with your own hands - this is what you can choose the fabric that is right for you, in color and texture. To make a bedspread you will need to purchase: • Fabric. Better just choose the quilted fabric on the padding polyester - satin, jacquard, etc. It is not as thick as a blanket, but it has a very beautiful embossing. The width of a standard quilted fabric is 200 cm, which corresponds to the length of a standard double bed. And the length should be purchased fabric, depending on the width of the bed. So, for example, on a bed 140 cm wide and 200 cm long, you should buy a fabric measuring 200 cm (width) x 170 cm (length). On 160 cm wide bed: 200 cm (width) x 190 cm (length). 180 cm wide bed: 200 cm (width) x 210 cm (length).
purchasethe seam will be strong
fabric and fringe ready. It remains only to sew a fringe to the fabric.
Fabric and fringe are ready
To do this, take the fabric, put it face to yourself, apply fringe on it from above, also face up.
apply with fringe
We sew on a typewriter with a usual straight line.
 Stitch on a typewriter
When the corners, just wrap the fringe and hold Altsami, so that it does not move out, also flashing with a straight line.
 When sheathing corners
The bedspread is ready! You can make your bed for them. Also, a bedspread is a very good gift for a married couple.
 The cover is ready
 curtain angle
 You can make your bed with them

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