Before the blood: Kozhevnikova showed what sacrifices are made for losing weight

The actress is trying so hard to get in shape after the birth of her third child, that she does not spare herself at all.

In her microblog, Maria posted a video from cardio training and a little later ... a photo of a leg worn out to blood. However, the actress believes that the result achieved is still more important than physical discomfort.

Oct 22 2017 at 12:09 pm PDT

“Friends, I share the results: a week - 2 kg,” Kozhevnikova shares with subscribers. - Now my weight is 63.5! Go, no, run on. By the way, I sometimes break off, I ate croissant in sugar one evening, and even with cream, but for a moment of pleasure I punished myself with a night run not 300 calories, but 400. Next time I’ll think and look somewhere in the depths conscience and willpower of the stomach. And to motivate and understand that there is no way back, I will put another video with blood. As they say, those extra pounds are knocked out with sweat and blood. ”

Recall Maria literally a couple of months after giving birth began to worry that she could not get back into shape, and developed a whole plan for losing weight - read more here.

Part of the fans of the singer admired her determination and willpower. But some followers have sounded the alarm: is it worth it for a young mother to train so intensely? And besides, also in the first hour of the night, when the body is already tired. Woman`s Day asked about this professional fitness trainer.

- Cardio training is useful for losing weight, but in all you need to know when to stop. It is better for young mothers who are just entering the training regime to choose softer loads - yoga, Pilates, body flex, ”she saidIrina Denisova, certified fitness trainer, KMS powerlifting, master of sports on bench press and deadlift.- You want to be like a track - let it be not running, in a quick step, when the pulse is in the area necessary for fat burning. And, of course, it is healthier to train in the morning, in the morning, the body responds better to the load.

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