Best baby name: tips and tricks

Choosing a name for a baby is a very important step for parents. Together with the name of the child, according to many researchers, receives certain traits of character and direction of life, therefore, it should be selected with special care, paying attention to the combination with the patronymic, last name, season and date of birth.
How to name a child
How to name a child
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Basic rules for choosing a name for a child

The name should be easy to pronounce, while difficult to pronounce and incompatible combinations with the patronymic and surname should be avoided.

It is undesirable to call a baby in honor of deceased relatives, heroes of films and TV series and other celebrities in order to avoid associations (especially unpleasant) with these people.

As the names of parents choose the name of the child

It is very important that the name is well compatible with the middle name.

You should not call the boy by the name of the pope, such children double all the negative qualities of the name in their character.There is also an opinion that the child’s fate may repeat

For hard patronymic names, such as Anatolevich, Nikolayevich, Stanislavovich, Igorevich, Vissarionovich, Adolfovich, Albertovich, soft names are appropriate. The boy can be called Michael, Peter, Sergey, Vasily, Ilya, Evgeny, Victor. For girls fit names Natalia, Polina, Irina, Vera. Children whose daddy’s name sounds soft should be called hard names.

The neutral patronymic names are Vadimovich, Makarovich, Mironovich, Pavlovich, Artemovich, Vitalevich, Kirillovich. Children with such a patronymic will suit both soft and hard names. However, a solid name will suit a baby born in summer or spring.

How to choose a name for the season

In order to properly name a child, it is necessary to take into account not only the compatibility of the name with the patronymic and surname, but also take into account the peculiarities of character that are characteristic of those born at one time or another.

Winter kids are usually talented and motivated individuals, but may experience difficulties in their personal lives. This is due to their heavy temper, indecisiveness, intransigence, imperiousness, cool temper.It is better for such children to give melodic and soft names in order to smooth out these unpleasant character traits laid down by nature.

Spring babies are vulnerable and physically vulnerable. They can be windy, selfish and touchy. Despite the fact that most of them have great talents in various fields, they suffer from lack of confidence in their abilities, and therefore cannot often realize themselves. Such children will suit firm names that will help make the psyche and nervous system more robust.

Children born in the summer are very kind, sympathetic, but often spineless. They are easily influenced by other people, love the risk, brave, proud. To protect such a child in the future from unwanted adversity, you should give him a hard name.

Autumn kids grow up serious and reasonable. They are gifted comprehensively, they do everything deliberately, have a clear mind and a light character. Any name will suit them, as nothing can spoil their character.

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