Beyonce first seen on a walk with twins

Mother of many children of Beyonce is in no hurry to show his treasures to the whole world - the twins of Sir and Rumi. Kids were born four months ago, but we can only guess what they look like. Magazines fail to persuade Beyonce and Jay Zee for a family photo session, and the paparazzi - to make shots of children. Although the photographers are still lucky, this week they caught the star family in full force on the helipad in New York. We can see how Jay Zee is carrying the sleeping babies, and 5-year-old Blue Ivy is stepping next to her (the girl looks very fashionable in a blue sports suit and pink-rimmed glasses). There are frames and Beyonce, which can be recognized by the prints and logos of Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Beyonce first seen on a walk with twinsBeyonce first seen on a walk with twinsBeyonce first seen walking with twins

So the first step has been taken, it remains to wait for Beyonce and Jay Z to show the children officially.

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