Billet of oil for winter - photo recipes, what to cook

Billet of oil for winter - photo recipes, what to cook

Billet of oil for winter - photo recipes, what to cook

Butters are considered to be the most popular edible mushrooms. Therefore, they are widely used by the hostesses to make soups, side dishes, snacks, and, of course, for marinating. Harvesting mushrooms for winter can help every housewife always have on hand a ready-made delicious dish that can be put on the table for guests.


Butter salted


First you need to prepare mushrooms, and for this, clean and rinse them in running water. After that, a kilogram of oil should be blanched for 2-3 minutes in warm water with the addition of salt and lemon juice. After that, the mushrooms should immediately be dipped in cold water. It is necessary for them to go well skin.


Next, you need to prepare the brine, for which you need to put mushrooms in boiling salted water and boil them over low heat, stirring constantly.At that moment, when boils fall to the bottom, and the water becomes light - the mushrooms are ready.


The fifth part of horseradish root and a large clove of garlic should be peeled and cut, after which they should be placed on the bottom of a sterilized jar. Also add there and other spices: black currant leaves, a dill umbrella, peppercorns. After that, the mushrooms need to cool, fill them with cool water.


Its temperature should not be below 40 degrees. Spread the mushrooms on the banks, without reporting a little to the level of the neck, and put the oppression on top. The jars should be left at room temperature for a couple of days, after which they should not be removed in a cool place. Only a month later, the mushrooms will salt out and be fully prepared.


Butter fried


Preparing fried butter for the winter begins with the washing and cleaning of mushrooms. With caps, be sure to remove the skin. After that, cut the mushrooms into equal parts, no more than 2 cm thick. Next, you need to put them in a saucepan, add water, in which salt and citric acid are added, and put them to cook. At 1 kilogram of mushrooms need 1 spoon of citric acid and 3 tablespoons of salt. After boiling water, boil oil need another 10 minutes.


Billet of oil for winter - photo recipes, what to cook


Wash the mushrooms and put them in a colander. Then you need to take the pan, pour the oil and put on a hot stove. Put mushrooms in it and fry for about 20 minutes. It is not necessary to cover with a lid, so that excess liquid can evaporate. 1 large head of onions to clean, cut into rings and throw into a frying pan. Wash a small bunch of dill, finely chop, and also add to the oils. Add salt and pepper to taste. When the mushrooms are fried, they should be left to cool with the lid closed. After that, decompose into bags or containers, and put in the freezer for storage.


Buttered pickled


Butters for the winter can be marinated. This will require 4 kilograms of mushrooms that need to be cleaned and rinsed well. After that, they need to put in salted boiling water and cook for 10-12 minutes, until the mushrooms fall to the bottom. Then the water needs to be drained, and the procedure is repeated again, after which the oil is put in jars, which must be sterilized before this.


Billet of oil for winter - photo recipes, what to cook


Next bolet should pour marinade. To cook it, you need to add sugar, salt, pepper and vinegar to the water, and bring it all to a boil. A liter of water will need a spoonful of sugar, two tablespoons of salt, 5 peas of pepper and a spoonful of vinegar.While the mushrooms are still hot, they need to be poured over with a marinade, then cover the jars with plastic covers, wrap the jars with a towel and leave to cool. When the jars are completely cooled, they can be put in a cold storage place for the winter.


Billets from oily at home make it very simple. The presented recipes will be mastered by any hostess, and the mushrooms will delight everyone throughout the winter.

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