Black jacket - timeless and fashionable classics

There are things that never go out of fashion. Having bought such clothes once, you can be sure that you will need it even after five years. Of course, if it is quality. One of these basic elements of the wardrobe is a black jacket. Historically, it is considered the subject of men's clothing, but over time, managed to successfully migrate to the cabinets of the fair sex.

The new is a well-forgotten old

After conducting an audit in your belongings, you will most likely find a jacket among them, and perhaps not even one. But the fact that he has long been gathering dust in your closet is, of course, undeservedly. Of course, a black jacket can be worn with almost any things, but often the onion turns out to be rather gloomy. We decided to choose for you options that will look stylish and attractive.

First you need to decide on the style:

  • women with lush breasts fit slim options with a deep neckline, it will help highlight all the advantages;
  • girls with high waistline is better to choose elongated jackets;
  • slender representatives of the fair sex can afford to buy a model of direct cut, it will in no way spoil the figure, but on the contrary, will give it even greater femininity;
  • For thin girls with small breasts, stylists recommend selecting options with decor, it will help to visually add the missing volume.

We select the top

The black jacket is equally wonderful for creating office style, as well as for bows, which are useful for dating, walking, shopping and even parties. What is it possible to combine it with?

The classic version is a blouse or shirt.But for those who think that it's too boring and trivial, we suggest forgetting about the standard formula "black + white". This option, though suitable for a strict office dress code, but still somewhat outdated.

Blue, pale pink, light green, and peach shades, which do not attract much attention, but at the same time “refresh” you are quite suitable for work.

For an informal pastime, you can choose bright colors, including neon shades, as well as various patterns (flowers, abstraction, strip, cell), which perfectly balance the dark jacket.

T-shirt or top.Who would suit such an option? Neutral tones fit easily into an office style, and will be useful for business trips, but chiffon, lace, or sequins decorated with models will be a great addition to the romantic and stylish image, as presented in the photo.

One has only to add all the necessary accessories - a neat clutch, wide bracelet or necklace.

So, for example, a satin top, a black jacket and strict trousers, complemented by a bracelet with an animal print and the same pattern of shoes, will quickly turn you from a clerk into an “advanced fashionista”.

On the naked body. Especially sexy female option that you can afford a woman with taut shapes, if the wardrobe has a fitted jacket without a deep cut.

Choose bottom

A few simple and standard options that will always be relevant:

Pants. The classic dark version with arrows will look great with a fitted jacket, which is wearing a bright blouse or top. So the ensemble will not be too boring and mundane. Also fit pants with a thin strip or, for example, blue, burgundy, dark green color scheme, but then under the jacket should be a shirt of a neutral color.

Jeans. Fit narrowed, straight and "boyfriends."A variant for the warm season - short denim shorts. But the main condition is medium and high landing. A bare back, and even more so, everything below it has never been fashionable.

Varenka will look very stylish. A set of jacket + T-shirt + jeans - one of the most beloved bows of Hollywood stars.

Skirt.Lush models, including “tutus”, are perfectly combined with a short jacket, and long, despite the unusual image, look great with long ones. Pencil skirt can be supplemented with any style of a jacket.

Add some femininity

The easiest way to do this is with the dress:

  • You can play on the contrast, wearing a white dress. The image is complemented by a thin strap of silver or gold color, worn over the unbuttoned jacket.
  • A nice set will be a dress-case, knee-length. Thus, you will emphasize all the advantages of your figure.
  • Light dress with a flared skirt and floral coloring look great with short jackets.

A black jacket is an indispensable thing for women’s wardrobe, which will help create and complement a huge number of fashionable bows, both casual and festive.And if this thing has not had time to "settle" in your closet - go quickly to correct the situation.

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