Blake Lively had a fan who criticized her sense of style

"How do I miss those days when women have not yet hired personal stylists to come to the awards ceremony, and dressed themselves! In each of them there was a person with his own style and mistakes, "- Sophia Coppola lamented in an essay for the magazine W Magazine. Well, Blake Lively has nothing to reproach: during the promo tours of her films she sometimes changes ten outfits per day, each of which chooses according to her own taste and understanding. According to Blake, the love for fashion in her originated her character from the series "Gossip Girl" Serena van der Woodsen: that's who managed to play combinationally incompatible. Blake also deserved her title as a Hollywood style icon ... And she is unlikely to allow anyone to take it away.

One of the girl's fans decided to give her friendly advice and under a picture on Instagram, where Blake is posing in a plaid pantsuit, wrote: “I say this with love and respect for you, baby: for God's sake, hire a stylist or leave someone with whom work. "

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