Blue skirt - an indispensable part for the real fashionista

Skirts do not happen much, but blue models are the trend of recent seasons and must have for any fashionista. And in order to create truly stylish images and look stunning, you need to know how and with what to wear such a trendy thing.

How to choose?

How to choose a blue skirt? To begin with, it is worth noting that it is absolutely universal, as it goes for everyone and is suitable for any occasion, from walking with friends and dating and ending with official meetings and office work. There are no limitations connected with the peculiarities of the figure either: the main thing is to choose a suitable model that will mask the flaws and will favorably emphasize advantages.

Consider the main criteria for choosing a blue skirt:

  • Style. One of the most relevant is a sexy pencil, but this option is suitable only for slender girls with beautiful hips. Straight skirts look strictly and allow you to hide the volume where you want to reduce it.A real find for owners of narrow thighs and insufficiently prominent buttocks is a skirt-sun in the style of new look.
  • Length. The shorter the skirt, the more frank the image, but bold mini models can spoil the impression and look vulgar. In addition, only happy owners of slender legs can afford them. The length of the midi is a restrained and elegant option that is capable of both emphasizing virtues and exposing flaws, such as small growth. But the problem will be solved by heels. A long skirt in the floor, too, should not be worn by a short girl, if she prefers shoes on a flat course.
  • Colour. The shades of blue are incredibly many: from bright and catchy to subdued and calm. Restrained tones are appropriate in office and strict images, and saturated in everyday life or special occasions.

How to wear?

What is it fashion to wear a blue skirt? Many options:

  • You can wear a trendy crochet top with a flared skirt-sun with a high waist.
  • Tight-fitting models knee-length or just below them are perfectly combined with loose tops, T-shirts or T-shirts.
  • A strict pencil skirt will blend beautifully with a white blouse or an elegant shirt.
  • With everyday blue skirts, you can safely wear denim shirts or jackets.Moreover, the shades can both coincide and contrast, as in the tandem of blue and blue.
  • Women's skirt tight silhouette can be complemented with a stylish blazer or jacket.
  • If you chose a fluffy and permanent skirt, then allow yourself interesting experiments. So, you can choose the most simple shirt with straps, youth t-shirt, sweatshirt, jumper or long sleeve. And all these things are surely tucked into the skirt, even if they are free: this technique allows you to emphasize the waist and define a clear boundary between the upper and lower parts of the figure so that it does not look shapeless.
  • You can add a short skirt with a shirt or a free-cut t-shirt.
  • On cool evenings, you can wear a cardigan.
  • Rebel will surely appreciate the combination of a blue skirt with a leather jacket-leather jacket.
  • In winter, spring and autumn, wear a coat of any shape: straight, fitted, trapezoid.

We should also write about the colors of things, combined with a fashionable blue skirt. If you need a strict and elegant image, pay attention to the white and beige powdery shades.

For bright bows you can use such tones as yellow, red, mint, coral. And if you want to look luxurious and feminine, then choose emerald green or black.Monochrome combinations of different shades of blue also look good.

We select shoes

Depending on the style of the image, you can wear very different shoes: shoes, shoes and mules, shoes, ballet flats, sandals and sandals, loafers and oxfords, ankle boots and boots, slip-ons and even sneakers. But it is especially important to approach the choice of color, and the most successful will be the universal black, bold mustard, bright red, trendy lemon, calm brown, exquisite powder, and also romantic white.

Tip: although the styles of clothing and shoes must be the same or at least combined, in some cases experiments are appropriate. For example, a pencil skirt can be worn with comfortable slip-ons, and a flared one with sneakers.

We complement the image of accessories

Finally, the last but very important touches are the accessories. It is interesting to beat the image with the help of a stylish clutch, a bright thin strap, cap or scarf. And do not forget to adhere to color combinations, so as not to look motley and ridiculous. Also follow the rule: the larger the accessory, the more restrained the color. If you chose a small thing, then it can and should even be bright.

Complement and make feminine any bow will allow decorations. Wear necklaces, chains, beads, chokers, bracelets, earrings. And especially stylish and at the same time look elegant products of gold shades, although silver will also be quite appropriate. But you can take a chance and bring to the set the sparkle of large and bright stones that will surely attract attention to you.

If your wardrobe still does not have a blue skirt, then be sure to buy it and start creating stylish and interesting images for all occasions!

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