Body skin care: in the salon and at home

Especially for, well-known masters of beauty salons told how to properly combine salon and home treatments so that the skin of the body always remains smooth and elastic.
Body care
Body care

Of course, cosmetologists think that nothing can be better than salon procedures, but, of course, you need to supplement them with home care, sports loads and healthy food. Cosmetic body care on this list is perhaps the most pleasant. About him and talk.

The ideal figure is, above all, beautiful skin. But what to do if it became dry and rough? First, find the culprits of the problems. Often, it is chlorinated water, desiccating skin cells, elastic stockings that slow down blood circulation, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in an increase in weight, coupled with all the above consequences. But all these problems are completely solvable, you just need to set a goal.

In the salon - for ...

1) ... body strengthening procedures

First of all, it would be nice to start with charging.Squats, stretching, running ... even a simple climb up the stairs will bear fruit. After a month, the muscles will gain elasticity, and the skin will be saturated with oxygen. But the ideal is still far away.

Anna Novikova, managing salon "SPA Palestra": “The skin should be regularly moisturized and nourished with nutrients. Wraps will help, but with observance of the necessary temperature and under the control of a specialist. Very usefulmassage, but do not trust your body to amateurs (girlfriend, neighbor, mother, grandmother), it can cause serious harm to health, especially if something hurts. Hardware procedures, for example, Vela Smooth and Vela Shape will also help to get rid of cellulite. ”

Home tips

Unfortunately, there is no universal remedy that can get rid of cellulite. However, it is possible to reduce its appearance. The effect of "orange peel" is caused by fat cells that accumulate between the layers of connective tissue. Dimples on the hips can be reduced by massaging the hips, for example, with a massage brush. Regular massage will help get rid of dimpled cells and maintain skin tone after just 14-15 days. To maintain the result, massages need to be repeated monthly. AndIt is important to use every day a firming, oily texture firming cream that contains components such as caffeine and seaweed; they moisturize and smooth the skin..

Anna Novikova, manager of the SPA-Palestra salon. She studied in France and was initiated by international guru Martina Seiger at the 2nd stage of Reiki. Is a specialist in the field of cosmetology.

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