Breakfast: 7 dietary mistakes

Does without breakfast at all
Going out of the house in the morning without having breakfast is a huge mistake and harm to your stomach. If you do not have time to eat breakfast, eat at least a banana and take something with you to the office.
Ready Muesli
Ready-made muesli is richer in nutrients than cornflakes. However, using ready-made mixes, pay attention to the content of products and calories. Usually ready-made muesli contain large amounts of sugar. Compare products from different manufacturers, the main product should be oatmeal, which are complemented by a small amount of nuts or fruits.
Nuts and dried fruits
If you cook your own muesli, your breakfast can be super-calorie. A handful of nuts, sunflower seeds and raisins is enough calories. In 100 g of hazelnuts, for example, 644 kcal.
Tip: finely crush the nuts. This gives the impression that there are more nuts than it really is.
Portion size
Compared to cornflakes, oatmeal is much smaller.This leads to the following dietary error: more oatmeal is placed on the plate, since they are not as bulky as in the case of corn flakes.
On average, breakfast is enough from 3 to 5 tablespoons of oatmeal. Complement the breakfast with a portion of natural yogurt, an apple or fresh berries, as well as a couple of nuts.
Underestimation of hidden fat
Often, breakfast sandwich with sausage or cheese. In this breakfast a lot of calories. If you do not pay attention to it, you can get into a diet ambush.
Most types of sausage and cheese are small calorie bombs. For example, in a slice of Emmental cheese 113 kcal, in a slice of salami - about 100 kcal. If you add to this bread and butter - you ate a good 400 kcal.
Replace butter with tomato paste, mustard or low-calorie cheese, and fat sausage with a slice of turkey.
Wholemeal bread instead of white bread
Do you like white bread and a bun? This is another dietary mistake you make in the morning. Despite the fact that the number of calories in white bread and bread made from wholemeal flour is the same, the latter is absorbed more slowly, and you remain full for a longer time.
In the morning a glass of juice: "And why not!" But do not forget that these are additional calories: 200 ml glasses of juice contain about 100 kcal. Consider extra calories. This also applies to sweet tea and coffee!

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